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I sit in the back of Keneti's car with Luke, pretending to be happy... pretending to be alright. "I can't believe you tripped and fell 'cos of the bloody stairs, you twolly." Luke laughs and I join in with him. If only he knew. "Now look at your knees and cheek oh-and eyes." He studies my face before I turn away, pretending to laugh"No wonder why you took so long. Principal Thorpe lectured the whole school about the cafeteria incident and now Adam's expelled." 

"Ye, and it should be Brayden, that fu.cking asshole!" Keneti parks his car before slamming his fist onto the steering wheel. "Chill babe." Mila laughs and so does Luke. "Make sure you two don't talk to him. He's one big pu.ssy." We get out before walking inside the diner. 

"Clementine definitely won't." Mila pats my back, frightening me with the contact. "Of course not, have you seen how he treats people.. specially Mrs. Cooper." They all laugh as we take a seat on an empty booth. We order our food, and talk about Mila randomly having lots of money in her card, Luke being in a band and Keneti quitting the football team. "How 'bout you Clem?" Ken asks, breaking my attention from the sunset. "I have a music recital soon." I smile making them cheer loudly. 

Soon we dig into our food, laughing our asses off. Where, for a good solid hour I forgot about Brayden and the pain lying on my body.  Luke and I pack up the mess, not wanting to bother the busy waitress' running around the crowded diner.  We hop back into Ken's car, where they continue their stupidity and I watch the clouds. 

We stop at a red light. While waiting, I observe the clouds, tracing over them with the tip of my pointer finger. "That one looks like a rabbit." Luke laughs, making me giggle. "Fu,ck! Shi.t, it's Harry!" I see Mila's eyes widen through the rear-view mirror. "Ohhhh so that's the annoying f.cker you told me about."Keneti laughs while Mila sinks in her seat, cowering her head. I duck my  head hoping he doesn't see me. Keneti honks his horn multiple times before Mila grabs him. The light turns green and I look up. Making eye contact with a cold glare from a beautiful pair of eyes. I gulp before turning away.

Ken continues to drive though Harry speeds his expensive black car catching up with us. He continues to look at me, giving me a look that I know too well. I'm getting punished. Both cars stop at a red light where Harry's engine revs and purrs, challenging Keneti. He smirks, knowing he'll win. The lights turn green and we jolt backwards as soon as Keneti steps on the accelerator. The race begins and Luke's yelling to go faster, Mila's no longer scared of getting caught but I was scared shi.tless of what was to come. 


We get down a few blocks away from home, waving goodbye to Ken and walking in the warm night. "Mum think's we're studying and you know the connection between that assh.ole and my parents. I hope he doesn't say" Mila shakes her head, the stress getting to her. "Why don't you like him?" I ask kicking rock on the sidewalk.  

"I have a feeling he's the reason why my best-friends are gone."

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Hah, left you on a cliffhanger but I suffered through another writer's block.

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