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(So imagine Clem's height to be like that cute girl from the photo above)-

I thought I was the one that would've approached her, just like all the other girls. But no, she knocked on my doors. She, my pure little kitten, knocked on my doors.

Now she's in my house, being her adorable and angelic self. She was a gift from heaven, truly delicate. I give her 100 dollars for 2 packets that I'm sure I'll just throw away.

She places her basket down and suddenly embraces me in the best hug I've ever felt. Almost throwing me off of my balance. I wrap my arms around her tiny frame as her arms cuddle my stomach. She wasn't tall but she wasn't short either. She was the perfect height for me. She was just.. perfect, in general.

I enjoy the blissful 5 seconds before she breaks the embrace. She turns pink and quickly looks down at her shoes. "Sorry, I-I just got excited, be-because your donation wi-will help a-alot." She rubs her arm shyly. "Hey, that was a lovely hug. You've cured my stressful day and I'm sure these cookies will help too." I assure her receiving a glimpse of her rosy pink cheeks and beautiful hazel brown eyes.

She smiles before thanking me once more for supporting the fund raiser. "See you next time Mr.Styles." She waves before walking off to the Malik household.I hope Zayn isn't back in town. Not while my baby girl is living in that house. She belongs to me and only me.

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