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I bury my curls into my hands, mentally groaning for a good long minute. "Styles, are you okay?" I proceed my self-loathing before looking up to see everyone's eyes on me. "Just had a long night but yes. Please, continue Mr. Wilson." I urge to my pull my hair off but I sit still trying to concentrate like a child in high school. Like me in high school. That is, before I actually started trying.

"And a grand ball!" Floyd suddenly boosts from his chair. I chuckle at the cocky man before he grabs my arm and urges me to stand up with him. "A grand ball! Yes Styles?" His grey eyebrows rise, waiting for me to obviously say the only answer he wants... "Yes."

"Ah, there we go!" I have so little clue on what he's going on about but I smile and sit back down. "We don't need to wave around their faces that we just beat their companies. We should just simply have a small party and get on with being the biggest companies all over the world." I swear Wilson sent a dagerring look to me... but it could be my tired eyes playing up since I've been sitting here for 5 fu.ckign hours.

"Or that.." I support both sides to play it safe knowing my life depends on every choice I make. "See." Wilson smiles at me. " I don't see why a having a grand ball is a problem." Floyd's workers agree with each other and their boss, obviously. "We must stay humble, being arrogant and cocky can break future plans and deals. A ball is unnecessary." A worker from Wilson's side blurts.

"I think a ball-not grand but just simply and professional will do. It'll give opportunities for other businesses to recognize each other as well as ours. It won't scream, 'Hey look we're the best companies in the world!' but instead get people wanting to partner with our businesses more. In the end, this is serves a purpose Mr. Wilson and of course, celebration Mr Floyd." I shrug looking at their wrinkled foreheads lifting in surprise.

"Fantastic!" Floyd claps and chuckles. "Brilliant, Styles." Mr Wilson nods and so does everyone else. I nod a thank you before we discuss and breakdown the idea.

"Good afternoon!" I turn my attention to the brunette holding the translucent glass door open. "Oh yes, Michelle, great! You and Styles have some planning to do." Who the is Michelle? "Excuse us." Floyd gestures to me so I stand up and follow him outside, the brunette trailing behind me. "Styles meet Michelle, London Enterprise's main event organizer who so just happens to be in town today. And Michelle, meet Harry Styles-"

"Oh, I already, definitely know him." She giggles transferring the small briefcase into her right hand. I extend my hand to shake hers though she has the left hand and I have my right hand. "Oh, I'm left handed." She giggles and I decide to just get this over and shake her with my left hand. "No rush but since you two are here, and while Michelle is staying in L.A, go on and get started." He shakes her hands (with his left) and shakes my hand with his right. Jesus Christ.

"The event is a simple ball-" I begin to say though she cuts me off, "Oh, no need to explain. I have the details." She smiles and I simply nod and walk to the elevator. I don't know if I should be happy that I'm out that boring meeting or pissed off because now I'll be working with a this chick because I so happen to have the great ball idea everyone's happy with. It'll be over soon, I remind myself before my head explodes with numerous negative ideas this partnership can bring. If I'm seen with her, these paps are going to go crazy. Headline after headline after headline resulting to an angry Clementine and a stressed out Harry.

She looks down on her phone, scrolling with her long pink fingernails before speaking. "The first venue is The Wiltern, capacity of 1.8k and designed by a great friend of Mr. Floyd's, Architect Stiles O. Clements." I notice her accent, reminding me of New York, that doomed country and it's stupid Times Square. I effortlessly mutter an okay before the elevator takes us to the first floor. The's floor.

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