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Clementine May Wilson. 


Mila drags me to a black Bentley where a man wearing a black tuxedo smiles. It's like 30 degrees, wtf. Mila doesn't acknowledge the man who's opened the car door but I decide to give a shy smile. My mum told  me about this, the man is like a... butler? Pretty stupid to have one, if you ask me.  I take a seat on the right and Mila continues to boast about her mansion., she was rude and didn't shut up!!

She is, I guess nice to me but I'm way too low maintenance for her. But, I have no choice and I definitely can't complain. The high school staff organised this so I could experience way more than just my farm life back in Australia. I didn't live in a farm all my life, I lived in the city too girl is my label here. 

Nevertheless, Mila continues to talk and finds a way to talk. "How come you don't have a strong accent?" she has a confused face. I was getting annoyed but maybe I am being too harsh...  "I grew up everywhere because mum moved around a lot so I met lots of people from all over the world and yeah.." I smile, fiddling with my fingers. I'll get to know her and we can be friends, it wont be that bad, I hope. "You have a nice accent." I reply to which she laughs to. Maybe it will.

"Do you have any siblings?" she asks playing around with her Tommy Hilfiger watch. "No, how about you?" I reply. "An annoying older stepbrother." My heart skips a beat. Older brother? No one said anything about being in the same house with a guy besides her dad?!

"His name is Zay-Oh my God, look it's Keneti!!" she squeals quietly, sinking into the leather seat to suspiciously watch the jock.

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Obviously, a filler so y'all get some back story and what not ahaha 

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