lust or love ♡00:08

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That night, Clementine laid in bed staring up at the glow in the dark stars stuck on the ceiling. She found herself reminiscing her encounter with Mr. Styles. Nothing but the man himself, clouding her mind with thoughts. She thinks about every feature of his face, his tattoos, his chocolate brown locks, every detail of him as a human being. Her mind races at the thought of his touch. So soft and tender.

She thinks she's in love.

But she knows she shouldn't be.

Not with a man almost twice her age. 

Not with a man that she thought would never love her back.

She was just a little girl, dreaming. But, he was an adult thriving with success.

It was impossible.

Or so she thought so. Because, as she let her heart sink, there he was in his room. Trying to close his eyes and fall asleep but thoughts of the beautiful, bubbly, shy and simply unique girl keeps him awake. Clementine. The one he wanted.

Though he didn't love her, there was surely vessel in his body that did feel something towards little Clementine. Whether it was lust or something greater, they'd soon know.

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Sozz, couldn't update yesterday or the day before!! Laptop was down and I don't write on my phone because it's like tiny af. I wanted a closure on 00:07 so here it is. Hope you enjoyed it, like, subscribe and click the bell for notifications. AHAH JK. Bye kiwis <3 


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