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- Song: Into You by Ariana Grande-

Harry softly lays me on his king size bed, his hungry lips never leaving mines. My hands play with his soft brown locks as his hands travel down my waist and down my tights to the end of my shorts before pulling it down. I lay in my embarrassing pink bra and white panties. He throws my shorts somewhere in the room before standing on his knees looking at me from head to toe. I cover myself feeling my cheeks turn bright pink.

He softly pulls my hands away, "You're beautiful, don't cover yourself Kitten." He continues to state me down before returning to kiss me lustfully "I want to pleasure you, is that okay with you baby?" I feel my stomach tie in knots by his words. I slowly nod my head before me he slowly opens my legs. "Y-yes." I whimper under his touch.

I felt my heart quicken, I've never been touched by a man... let alone a teenage boy. He peppers kisses on my stomach, ever so slowly reaching my soaked panties. As soon as the fabric is torn off, i shut my legs shut though he roughly opens them apart. I shut my eyes tight before a wet but soft feeling brushes between my folds.

This is when I knew, I was no longer in control.. that my innocence walked out the door.

He continues to work his magic, making me moan and feel so many emotions physically and mentally. I arch my back as he pumps his fingers in me, so slowly, pushing his whole two fingers, knuckle deep in my center. I feel electricity in my skin, my brain floating in cloud nine as he pumps his fingers faster. My body trembles from the intense and brand new feeling.

"H-Harry, I--I'm gonna pe-e" I feel embarrassed but he chuckles. He continues and my thighs feel weaker and weaker until I release feeling even more embarrassed but too tired to hide away. He brings his fingers to his mouth before sucking them. "That, baby, is an orgasm" he whispered in my ears as I flutter my eyes closed and fall asleep.

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I haven't written a smut since like 2015 but I've read quite a lot... BAHA.

Please vote and comment because I should be studying and doing my assignments but instead I'm here writing so I can update daily and make sure it's close to perfect.

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