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- Song: Bite by Troye Sivan-

I look down at my feet, unsure and confused with the decision I'm going to make. Though, I stand up adjusting my stupid skirt and take a seat on his lap. He kisses the back of my ear making me slightly shuffle in shock. I hate how he just brushed me off a couple of nights ago and now he's touching me again because all my anger and confusion has suddenly run out the door. I hate it, I hate his effect on me, the power of his touch but ...I like him.

He runs his hands on my knee, rising to my inner thighs making my insides want explode. I quietly moan as he ever so slowly rubs his fingers next to my wet area, the cold and patterned texture from his rings making my core even wetter. "Kitten, did you wear this skirt at school?" he asks. God that pet name, "..Y-yes." I lie. "I don't think that's in the dress code baby." he deeply chuckles. "We-well I wanted to look good for you." I cover my pink cheeks. "Such a good girl for daddy." he whispers into my ears making me close my eyes tight. Daddy? I know I'm not experienced in sex or anything but I knew what Harry meant and it kinda turned me on even more...maybe even a bit more.

"Harry just touch me already." I manage to blurt out, automatically regretting it. Asking to be touched isn't the act of being angry with him. But I knew I could never be angry at him. He was such a man.. a wise man who makes me feel anything he does is right. He chuckles once more, "I want you to call me Daddy, Kitten." I think of his command but he continues to trail his hand deeper into my skirt making my mind go crazy. "O-ok" I stutter closing my eyes and grabbing the edge of his large table.

He stands up, picking me up before turning me around to face him. He sits back down, my legs now hang from his chair, my wet core right below his jean covered member. He holds my waist up as I unbuckle his jeans, harshly pulling them down. What are you doing Clementine? Now my wet core hovers over the thin fabric covered member. He places my hand on the band of his boxers but I shake my head. "Not yet Harry." I whisper, scared of his reaction. The room stays silent before he kisses me, "I understand, baby. But that won't stop me from pleasuring my little girl." He smirks. "And that's Daddy to you too." He chuckles spanking my butt.

I sit on his lap, feeling his hard member under my core. I moan loudly in shock of the pleasuring contact of his hips grinding. I grind on his member as he holds my waist supporting my balance. "O-oh HARRY" I try to hold my scream as he fastens the grinding motion. He grunts as I grip his broad arms, my nails digging into the thing fabric of his button up. "They all know I'm harry kitten, but who am I to you" He spanks me harder. "Daddy." I moan throwing my head on the crook of his neck. "Now remember it or I'll have to make you." His dominant words laced through my mind, tying knots in my stomach.

He grabs his handkerchief wiping my thighs and the fabric of his boxers. My panties were soaking wet so I grab my bag and walk out of his office to the toilet. I uncomfortable wriggle from the brand new feeling before I go down the elevator. I step out receiving a few looks from the women working in their tiny office spaces. Nothing compared to Harry's.. Daddy's? very own office. I look down, embarrassed, pulling my skirt lower. I enter the toilet cubicle and step out of my panties.

The door opens and I try my best to continue though I couldn't help but eavesdrop.

"Did you hear the receptionist got yelled at by Harry." one feminine voice laughs. Harry? He's your boss idiot! "God, she's so stupid." another feminine voice joins. "I'd love to be yelled at by him though, his deep husky voice...ugh!"I cringe at the embarrassing women before grabbing my sanitary pouch and changing panties and throwing the other one away as I didn't want to get my juices on my books that teachers mark. I stay in the cubicle until the two finish, the door shuts giving me a sign that it was clear.

Bitches, that's my man.

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Hey it's me, elea! This originally had like 1200 words but i cut it in half muahahah. But I'm aiming to have over 500 words each update. I'm also meant to be studying but I've got three updates ready for the week. Thank you for 700 views <<< Update on the chapter written on the 27th or 28th or 29th of OCT; THANK YOU FOR 1K VIEWS OMG (31/10/17)

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