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Hey Kitten (H.S) by ImaginationOfAFan
Hey Kitten (H.S)by ELleven
" on your knees, like you're about to pray for your sinning little heart " --- Highest Rank: #100 in Fan Fiction (4/12/2017)
Mr. Styles by Stylesssfan
Mr. Stylesby S
Mr. Styles is Thea's new teacher, but Thea really hate him so she's acting totally pain in the ass to him which piss him very much off.
Harry Styles Imagines by kaylajaylee
Harry Styles Imaginesby Mrs. Styles-Horan
[completed] A collection of Harry Styles Imagines written by yours truly. All the love. x
harry styles | my health teacher by harryadoresyou12345
harry styles | my health teacherby harryadoresyou12345
a hot and sexy love story between a teacher and his student that quickly is changed to something more... till it's nothing at all. #1 in mature
"Age Is Just A Number, Baby" (Larry Stylinson)(completed) by Rebecca-1D-moor
"Age Is Just A Number, Baby" ( TommosGirl❤️
Book One- Harry Styles 23. Louis Tomlinson 18. Louis has just finished high school and now is looking for a job, he stumbles across one of the biggest businesses in...
Football Coach by YouDontNeedMyName45
Football Coachby YouDontNeedMyName45
Andrew or Andy, is a 12-year-old boy who skipped two grades to be in high school. He was put in the Football club, and meets the coach, Mr. Tomlinson, who's one of the m...
baby girl/ hs by inhalecalum
baby girl/ hsby s
a 26 year old man becomes infatuated with a 17 year old girl.
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I Want To Break Free ❤ Harry Styles Fanfiction by justacupcakething
I Want To Break Free ❤ Harry justacupcakething
This is Amber Carter's story. Her life completely changed over night. Something she'll never forget and something she has to live with for the rest of her life. She got...
thank you, Mr. Styles || h.s. by irispinkypie
thank you, Mr. Styles || Syaf ✨
"You are so annoying." I rolled my eyes at him. I don't want to be rude but he always pissed me off. "Whatever you said, my sweet petal." He said whi...
The Roadman and The Chav~ A Hobama Fanfiction ♡ by leeroysshmexycousin
The Roadman and The Chav~ A leeroysshmexycousin
What happens when obambam gets violent? This is a bit Larry READ THIS OR SHITMONK COWKHELL WILL LICK U IN UR SLEEP
Mr. Styles. My brothers best friend. by Harry2196
Mr. Styles. My brothers best Harry2196
When 19 year old Anika Anderson, finds out her math teacher for her senior year is also her brother's best friend, she might just go insane... WORK IN PROGRESS!
Mrs. Styles by solarrevans
Mrs. Stylesby mills
Sequel to Mr. Styles. Make sure you read Mr. Styles first or you will be lost! Picking up with Georgia and Harry as they enjoy married life.
The Therapist by Hunzyy
The Therapistby Hunzyy
There were two sides to lily Collins , one side was the sweet innocent girl her parents knew and loved. and the other was a much darker version, with dark thoughts and...
tumblr blog; hs ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ [daddy kink] by styleskuchtaa
tumblr blog; hs ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ [daddy kink]by 💓
(A better and more edited version (*☻-☻*)) A 16 year old girl's arousing and revealing tumblr profile is found by her kinky reading teacher, Mr. Styles.
Coach (Harry Styles) by lilbabystyles
Coach (Harry Styles)by 🌕
Aspen Rivers was always the last option. The one no one wanted. One day in gym class, her teacher tells her that she should try out for the volleyball team. The volleyba...
Tough love [H.S] by earthtoaura_
Tough love [H.S]by A U R A
When there's a boy and girl around each other one of them are bound to fall in love ? Why do they fall in love doesn't matter but how do they fall in love does. Harry E...
Harry Styles Dream With Me script  by harrysbigtoetatto0
Harry Styles Dream With Me script by Gracie
The script of Harry Styles' Dream With Me. :-))
Mr. Styles {HS fanfic} by harry-stagram
Mr. Styles {HS fanfic}by harry-stagram
He was suppose to be just my teacher, and I was suppose to be just his student. We didn't mean to fall deeply In love. As cheesy as it sounds. But we did. And now here...
Harry I love you by harryTrash236
Harry I love youby HazzaStylez
My first ever fan fic iv written, so I hope you all read and like it!! If you love Harry styles you should love this. I'm also quite new to wattpad but I hope you all li...