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- Song: Fetish by Selena Gomez - 

I burst out laughing as he points at the small transparent material. "No way!" "What was that?" He asks making me quite. "Have you seen me? I look like a whale. No." I turn my back from him, looking down at my dirty converse sneakers. I feel his presence behind me before he attaches his lips on my neck, snaking his arms around my waist  "A what?" he asks. "I look like a whal-" Before I finish my sentence, his large hand collides with my bum cheek making me whimper. "I don't ever want to hear sh.it from you. You're not a fuck.ing whale, you're perfect. Now, when I point, get your size and put it in a bag." He whispers into my ear making my insides swirl. 

Soon I had two bags full of fancy lingerie with lace, velvet and other expensive material. As well as undergarments he and I chose. He holds all my bags and I hold one of his shopping bag, which consisted of a tie... a very expensive tie. We place the bags at the back of his car, though I quickly dig through my candy bag and grab a lollipop before he shuts it. I unwrap the wrapper before sitting down and sucking at the sweet strawberry sugar, completely aware of my actions.

I turn the radio louder, occasionally humming to the music. I lick the strawberry candy before noticing him stare me down. "Hmm?" I hum keeping the lollipop in my mouth. "Stop teasing." His eyes serious. "Wha- I'm not! I'm just enjoying my lollipop." I laugh licking my saliva off, keeping my eyes glued to his dark green orbs. "I'll give you something to bigger to suck on if you don't stop bullshitti.ng." He smirks. I hum before I continue to suck. "Alright." He groans grabbing the lollipop from my mouth whilst  keeping his eyes on the road. He rolls down his window before chucking it outside. "Hey, that was mine!" I furrow my eyebrows wiping the saliva from the corner of my lips. 

"I warned you Kitten." He smiles unbuckling my belt with his spare hands. "You're driving" I look at his beautiful face focused on the road. "Is that a problem?" He smirks before I shake my head before leaning closer to his pants. I undo his belt, opening his zip before looking at up him, his serious face driving me crazy. I tug at his pants before looking down at the tent forming inside his jeans. 

I pull his boxers down before his member slaps against my cheeks making me giggle. "That's the second time you've teased me in one day Kitten, you're not gonna like it if you continue." His voice pleading for me to suck him off. I lick the pre-cu.m oozing from his tip like a lollipop before taking as much as I can in. He harshly grabs a fistful of my hair groaning as I bob my head up and down, gagging as his large member hits the back of my throat. The position not helping me but instead pleasuring him. 

I pump the rest with my hands, "Faster." He grunts. I do so and soon I feel the car swerve a little. "F.uck." He moans looking down at me and back at the road. "I'm close." I fasten the pace, trying to get his large length inside. "Fu.ck sake." He curses as a siren goes off. I move my upper body onto my seat before quickly buckling my seat belt. Harry pulls over on the side of the road, quickly shoving his member back . "Your seat belt" I whisper before being interrupted by a knock on the tinted window. He rolls down the window and the police speaks, "I've been driving behind you for a couple of minutes or so, you may not notice the undercover police car but I'm glad the siren stopped you because your vehicle has been swerving from side to side. Have you consumed any alcohol befo-" The police officer looks inside the car, holding a small machine with a tube.

"Oh, m-my apologies Mr. Styles. Continue your journey. Have a great night." The officer nervously stammers before quickly walking, speeding down the road. Harry starts the car and I quickly undo his pants and continue to please him. "Woah, f.ck Kitten." He groans loudly as I instantly suck. "I'm gonna c-" He releases in my mouth, some drooling from my lips to my neck. I put his member back into his boxers before looking up at him and licking his c.um off my lips. "That's hot." He smirks caressing my thigh though I notice bruises on the knuckles of his hand. 

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AHAH sorry not sorry. Thank you for reading, thank you for making me happy, thank you for being kind to one another. I've also changed chapter 14. A minor change of Clementine's outfit and while I was at it, I fixed the shitt.y writing- nothing new is included. Go check it out if you want because it fits better. 

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