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 - Song: Get Some by Ghosted ft. Kamille - 

I like knowing this Clementine. The bubbly, talkative and shyly-adorable Clementine. She became more comfortable around me and I'm glad there was no more awkwardness floating around us. Ever since the kiss, I thought she was scared sh.tless and wouldn't even glance at me, but, surprisingly it brought us closer. 

I stop my car right next to a naturally beautiful Clementine on her phone. Probably answering to Malik texting her that I'd be picking her up. She hops in and greets me with a smile and a hello. "Hey Kitten." I smile at her, feeling sympathy because soon she'd go home to a mess. I want to keep her happy and carefree while she's with me. Because Yusef had to rush home after getting a phone call from his bi.tchy daughter crying. And no one could pick Clementine from her music lesson so I told him I could pick her up, to seem like a kind and supporting business partner but mostly to see my baby girl.  

We talk about her good day and my stressful work loaded day and random things. I rest my hand on her jean covered thighs. "I like it when you wear skirts and shorts." I confidently say. I'm not one to hold back and plus, I'm telling the truth. "But it's cold Harry." We turn to each other and she pouts at me. She is so adorable.

I smile as my name leaving her soft pink lips rings through my head, again and again. I glance back at her every now and then. Observing her long blonde hair, facial features and everything about her. I could feel my friend down there harden, hoping she wouldn't notice. 

Dirty thoughts creep through my head, being tempted to pull this car over and have her suck me off. I needed her touch, I needed her pretty pink lips around me. I needed her to scream my name, while I slam myself inside her tight little-... fu.ck.

But I couldn't do that yet. I shouldn't scare her away like my previous baby dolls. She was different, but she was only a doll. And will only be that because a man like me can not and will never have a realistic relationship with a little girl. 

"Kitten, can I have a kiss?" I look at her with lust filled eyes before turning back to the road. She giggles and leans in, her little delicate hands placed on my thighs close to my erec.ting member, she kisses my cheeks before shying away. "Such a good girl." I smirk mentally groaning.

This is just a game, hate the game... not the player. 

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Q: What's your top three fave songs in Harry Styles?

A: ESNY, KIWI, ONLY ANGEL and all of it but ehuee.

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