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I uncomfortably shift in my denim shorts, remembering Harry's hands between my legs. I could feel myself moisten just thinking of his fingers pumpi--I break my thoughts, completing the task on the board leaving my eyes to wander around the slightly loud room. Students chat upon themselves but Mrs. Cooper doesn't bother to settle them down because she's been disrespected for the fourth time in one period. I look over to my side to see Mila flirt with her boyfriend. I mentally puke at their affection... but if only Harry was like that. I divert my eyes away, before making eye contact with a hard, deep glare from Brayden, the piece of shit. I automatically turn my attention to the board, not wanting to cause unnecessary trouble. "Good afternoon, this is Principal Thorpe. I would like everyone to be present at the field during Lunch for an important announcement." The loud speaker hushes the class.

Soon the bell rings and everyone rushes out, leaving their chairs scattered around the room. "Meet you there!" Mila's voice fades down the hallway. I push all the chairs in before walking towards the door "Thank you for caring, Clementine." Mrs. Cooper smiles, I smile back before disappearing down the empty hallway.

I make my way around the empty hallway before noticing Brayden near the female toilets. I eye the toilet before looking at the back of his head. I contemplate whether to clean myself up or just walk around with moisture collecting in my panties. I rather the first option. I walk closer to the toilet before he notices me. Signing in relief as I change my damp panties before hearing the door open and close through the loud flush.

I dry my hands before diverting my eyes to a cubicle opening. "Clementine." It's Brayden and I'm shitting myself. I ignore him, walking towards the door before he grabs my bag and pulls me, pinning me to the wall. "Don't think that's a good choice." He chuckles, nothing like Harry's. "Y-you're not meant to be here." I mentally slap myself for stuttering. "O-oh but i-it doesn't ma-matter. I-I practically o-own this school." He dramatically mimics me. "L-let me go or else." "Or else what?" He challenges, making me look down.

"You know, you're very and talented too. Too smart to be hangin' out with druggies like Ken." He refers to Keneti, grabbing my chin and looking into my eyes. "Thanks, now let go of me." I decide to toughen up but he just laughs and shakes his head. "I like my girls feisty." He caresses my cheek but I feel disgusted for letting another male, but, Harry touch me. "Please don't touch me." My voice croaks. Though, he shoves his face into mine, forcefully kissing me. I roughly push him away, my eyes teary and hands balled into a fist.

I quickly turn to the door but he grabs my long blonde ponytail, pushing me hard before my knees and cheek collide with the cold tiles. I wince at the impact, "Just remember who I am and who you are. No one's going to believe you. So don't even mention this to anyone." He spits before walking out leaving me in tears.

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Whatta shitfuck. Hate writer's block but here to update and stock up on chapters. I forgot the color of Clementine's hair, and I'm not sure if I've written what it is before but correct me if I'm wrong. Welcome to Chapter 30. Thank you for motivating me this far, vote, comment. Thank you. For a lot. 

- El

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