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I rush out of my room accidentally running into Zayn. His hand snakes around my waist, catching me before I fall. I look at his beautiful brown eyes before realizing my tight grip on his broad shoulders. He smiles as I balance on both feet, he puts his hands in his pockets. "I bought pancakes for breakfast."

We sit around the dining table, eating our pancakes with maple syrup. I was never this eager to see Mila but I wanted this awkward torture to end. "Why aren't you talking to me?" He asks breaking my attention from my pancake. "Well if you don't remember, your drunk ass slurred nonsense all over Mr. Styles saying things about him using me like how he's used other girls like me. Then you went on about him having a wi.... what wi? Besides the point Zayn, That was a move, especially because he's my friend." I rush out my feelings while tightly gripping the end of my sweater. His facial features rest, before he broke out laughing. "Such a silly girl you are."


I sit on a red plastic chair along with the other exchange students from Australia. I knew somethings about them but not enough for them to include me in their conversation. I was the quite one back home and here too- well at school... not when I'm with Harry. (a/n; AAHAHA, Im sorry I HAD TO.) They talk to each other as I silently sit waiting with my thoughts from this morning. Soon I start to turn angry but the principal runs in, a bead of sweat oozing from her old grey hair.

She fixes her suit before speaking. "Good afternoon my Kangaroos!" I mentally bang my head on the basketball pole, G.od get me out of here! I was just so mad about what happened with Zayn. "As you know, one of the other exchange students has been sent home because of ...-private reasons. So.. please give a warm welcomg to..."

"Luke Hemmings!"

Everyone cheers and I quickly stand up from my seat before running to Luke as soon he peers through the gym doors. He holds me tightly in his arms as I cry. "I've missed you so much." My tears absorb in his white shirt.

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