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I lay and watch him breathe in and out. Nothing but our breathing and his soft snores filling the quite room. I feel safe with his arms around my waist. I feel so safe, I could die in his arms. A ding breaks my train of thoughts. I slowly remove his arms around my waist before standing up, almost falling. 

I quickly grab the bedside table, regaining my balance. Funny because that was the fourth time we've made love but I can never get used to the feelings the morning after.  I search for my undergarments using the sunlight from the translucent curtains. I hear a ding gain before dressing myself in my undergarments and his white t-shirt. I walk over to where I heard the noise, finding his phone on the pockets of his jeans on the floor. I pick it up, digging for his phone.  

Mummy Bear: Good morning. xx

Mummy Bear: Have you spoken to Georgia lately? 

Mummy Bear: Sort of urgent but I'll speak to you about it later. xx 

Mumm Bear: Also thank you for your company from the past few days. Congrats again, son. - Mum and Robert xx 


I think of who Georgia could be, maybe his sister.. if he even has one? His other hairstylist? His friend? His co-worker? Another business partner?  I look down at his soft features before putting his phone down. I shouldn't have read that, now my mind is all over the place and my heart is aching. And God knows it could just be a no one, but I'm stressing- panicking almost. 

"Told ya, take a picture. It'll last longer." His husky morning voice replaces the frown on my face. Do I ask or do I not?  He leans on his elbow, looking up at me before pulling my hands  where I land on top of him. I adjust my position, laying my head on his hard chest, feeling him slowly breathe and his heart beat. "We're going home soon." I frown as he plays with my hair. "I can always take you back. And you won't have to sneak  out to go to my hotel room. It'll just be us." 

"Yeah, I like that idea." I smile. "Maybe after I go home. As in, home home." 

"So September?"

"Yeah.. September." I frown at the thought of going back home. 

Silence fills the room before I manage to blurt out "Who's Georgia?" His movement stops and he doesn't reply making me worry. "N-no one important. Why?" He begins to play with my hair again. "I-I saw your messages. I know I shouldn't have but it could've been an emergency..." He stops again before I look up at him. His features stiff and eyes angry. "Stand up and bend over that table." He deeply commands making me scared. "B-but I-I wont d-do i-it again." His features soften a little but he shakes his head. 

"Stand up. Bend over that table. And I mean now." His eyebrows furrowed. Bipolar shi.tface. I do as I'm told, slowly walking to the table. I finally make my way to the table, bending my upper body down on the table, my legs just long enough  for my feet to touch the ground. My hands grip the side of the table before before I feel his large hand collide with my bum, harshly grabbing it at the end of his action. I scream at the sudden pain before he rubs the stinging area.  "Count and apologize."

"B-But I-I promise! I w-wont d-do it ag-again!" I sob out loud, hoping he'd change his mind. "I said, count and apologize! Not reason!" His hands collide again, making my body jolt forward and feet lift off the ground. I grip the sides of the table harder, counting until the tenth slap with an apology. 

I sob letting my tears run down the wooden table where I rest my face. My feet finally touch the ground again though I continue to whimper and cry. "C'mere." I hear him softly say after a few minutes. "Clementine, now." I slowly push my body up before he carries me bridal style to the bed. His touch making me flinch. 

"Y-you hurt me." I sob into his pillows. "I punished you to teach you a lesson." He replies with no emotion in his British voice. "You're just like her." "Like who?" He caress my sweaty back through his t-shirt. "Like my mum." 

"Clementine, I don't kno-" 

"You hurt me because you l-like it." 

"I don't hurt you because I like it. I do it so you'll be behave." 

"W-well I don't like it!" I cry. 

"You don't have to like it but it doesn't matter if you do or don't." He chuckles laying down with me. "Do anything but things like that. It reminds me of her." I let my tears wet his toned chest. 

"Alright princess." He whispers. 

"Thank you D-daddy." I feel his soft lips press against my forehead

"Don't think you'll have it that easy. You'll eventually regret asking not to be spanked Kitten." I could feel his evil smirk. 

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WtF MY BOOK is ranking at 812 in fanfiction. I never thought it'd go this far. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you. Y'ALL NOT READY FOR THE DRAMA BAHAH. 

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