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He pins me against the door, running his hands up my dress and to my bum. "Jump." he mumbles in our heated kiss. I jump, wrapping my legs around his torso. He walks before I feel my back pressed against a soft silk covered mattress. "D-Daddy." I moan feeling his large hands rub my begging area. "What is it baby?" He knows exactly what I want. "P-please p-pleasure me." I beg grindings my hips with his hands. "Bad girl's don't get pleasured, Kitten." He stops his movements before standing up. "I'll pleasure you once you show daddy how good you are." I look up to see him sitting at the edge of the bed. 

I bite my lip, getting off the bed. My feet trembling from the past movements between my thighs. "Strip for me baby." His words bring a smile between my lips. I stand between his thighs, he places me down, unzipping the material. I stand up, slowly swinging my hips as I walk away from him. I place my thumb at the thin strap before sliding it off my shoulder. I'm going to fuck you so fucking hard if you keep that up." He clenches his jaw. I remove both my arms from the dress before letting it fall to the ground. 

"Fuck." He grabs his erecting member through his pants. I run my hands over my area before grabbing the bands, pulling down the lace material. C'mere Princess." He pats his lap, his eyes dark green and full of lust. I slowly walk over to him, my naked body in full display. I feel so insecure but so safe. 

I straddle his lap, his hands traveling around my body before I stop him. "Stop feeling all my fat." "I thought I told you before Kitten. I don't want that shit leaving your mouth. T'is the last warning before I shove my cock down your throat making sure you regret your words." He runs his hands over my body, smirking. "O-okay D-daddy." I stutter, excitement and fright washing over me. 

He kisses my lips, our tongues battling for dominance though he obviously wins. I wrap my arms around his neck before running it down his hard chest. I undo his tie, throwing it behind him before helping him remove his suit and button up. "So wet for Daddy, hmm?"He chuckles unbuckling his belt. 

Daddy stands up before laying me down on the bed. "Shall we..?" He hints sex making me remember the beautiful moments from yesterday. He was my first and I loved it, even though it hurt like a bitch at the beginning. "The cl-cleaners will see the ah-um th-thing when they wash the sh-sheet though." 

He chuckles deeply, his eyes wrinkling "You're so cute." "Thank you daddy, but i-its not like yesterday with the rug." I feel my cheeks heat up, remembering the juices and my blood. "Well, they can know I fucked my Princess' pussy real good. That I wrecked her insides and made her feel so good." By now his pants were slightly pulled down, exposing deep v-line where some pubes trailed down to his boner. 

"You're so hard." I giggle running my hands over his member. "This cock needs to be inside your little pussy, baby." He smirks before I nod a yes. He kisses me distracting me form what's about to come. (a/n: whats about to CUM BAHAHA)

I feel his tip at my entrance before he thrusts inside, making me harshly scratch his back squealing at the sudden and painful movement. He thrusts nice and slow, letting me adjust to his size before practically fucking the day lights out of me. 

"Amhmm, daddy-s so b-AH-big!"I could feel the bed shake as our bodies sweat and breathe heavily. "So tight. So fucking mine." He grabs my thighs, opening my legs even more. He uses his grip on my thighs to fasten the pace going faster and a tad rougher than my first time. 

"D-daddy, I-I'm closeee." I whimper, the familiar feeling washing over my body. "No. Don't cum until I tell you so. Don't forget about your punishment baby." I groan as he cums onto my stomach, his mouth open and eyes closed. "Daddy please!" I whine feeling my area beg for more.  My hands trail down before he grabs them. "I let you once. Not again." He grabs both my hands before reaching for his purple tie beside me. "Such a naughty girl." He shakes his head tying my hands together above my head. "Please!" 

He ties the rest to the elegant bed head making me feel a new sense of excitement. The trails his large hands down the valley of my breasts and to my area. Rubbing circles on my clit, torturing me with his fingers. "Please!" I practically scream. He chuckles dipping his head to my area. A second later and I fee his wet, soft tongue brush against my folds, flicking at the end of his action. 

I moan in satisfaction before he eats me out. His tongue tracing all sorts of patterns on my wet area. He leans his whole mouth before attacking my area. I scream, my arms wriggling uncontrollably but the tie not budging. Oh how I want to so badly push his head closer to my core. How I want to pull out his hair and show him how his actions drive me crazy. 

"Release." He hums, making my insides tingle with the vibration from his mouth. I release, panting, trying to steady my breathing though he licks my juices off, his tongue a beautiful working magic. "Good night Princess." I hear before shutting my eyes close. 

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This is 1000+ words of smut. and it's not like two updates ago you weren't blessed with a smut.  Anywaysss, I'm thinking of writing another book since this has gone off in a big bang. It'll have so much smut and it'll be better than Hey Kitten. I feel like I rushed this but I didn't think I'd even get 1k+ reads so if you're from the beginning and still here, thank you for sticking around because I FEEL liKe ThIs BoOk SucKs :(


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