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-Contains Mature Content. Only read if you are comfortable with sexual topics, kink and ect-

-Song: Sign Of The Time by Harry Fu,cking Styles <3-


I pack my luggage, completely filled with clothes unlike the first time I came here where it was almost empty. Thanks to my mother who I'll be seeing soon. I quickly shove all the lingerie and clothes Harry bought me, garments I'll be burning. Though, a  shiny red material catches my attention. I grab the familiar fabric, looking deeply at the little red dress. I close my eyes as I remember the him.


"Daddy, I have to go back to the hotel room or they'll think I'm missing. Kidnapped or killed or something." I giggle trying to pry his arms off my waist. "Please Princess." His childish voice sounded so cute and innocent. "Let go!" I burst out laughing as he tickles my sides making me lose my balance giving him the chance to lift me up. "So beautiful." He smirks kissing my lips. I kiss him back, passionately and full of love.

"Stay and let me pleasure your tight little puss.y." His husky voice made my juice drip from my core and to his clothed co.ck. "I can feel you dripping wet, Princess."

"I'd kill anyone who'd know that under that pretty little dress of yours lies your bare sweetness. Sweetness that belongs to who Princess?"" His words made me drip even more. "To you." I moan feeling his grind on me against the wall. "Who is 'you'?" He asks slowing his hip movements. "You daddy." I moan into his ear.

"D-oh-daddy." I frown grinding onto his lower half, feeling his co.ck under his grey boxers. "Please touch me." I bite my lip looking at him with innocent eyes. "Anything for my Princess." He smirks bringing me to his large bed.

He places me onto his lap, unzipping my dress. Kissing my bare skin with his tender lips. "Mine." He moves my hair to the side and places a kiss behind my ear. "Mine." He kisses my neck. "Mine." He kisses shoulder. "All mine." He unexpectedly tickles my sides making my naked body fall back onto his bare chest

"You're such a douche!" I turn to lay my body onto his stomach. "Your douche." He smiles. "My douche." I smile too, tracing the tattoo of the two little birds.

"Now let Daddy touch his Princess." He smirks driving me crazy.

What a h.orny man. He can't even let a sweet moment last without his sexual drive interrupting.

End of Flashback.

"Clementine. Time to go sweetie." I hear Svana's sweet voice. I knew my mother wouldn't let me come back here unless she's drunk enough to pull out some cash because she has some but hides them. I don't know how but she does. Or if she hasn't beaten me to death.

I hop out of the bath, drying myself and putting my clothes on. I brush and dry my hair before walking to my bedroom, grabbing my luggage and walking downstairs. I see all three of them by the door smiling. Zayn rubbing Mila's back as she cries. "Promise to call me when you land and whenever you can." She hugs me tightly, making me drop my bag and hug her back. "Thank you for putting up with me, I know I'm impossible to be friends with but thank you so much Clem." She squishes me making me laugh.

"I'll see you again, I promise." I lie, but she laughs before letting me say my farewells to Mr. Malik and Zayn. "When I see you in a few months, you better not be mad at me anymore." He smiles making me roll my eyes but hug him. I walk outside putting my luggage in the back of the chauffeur's car. I look at Harry's house, my heart beating.

That's the thing. I'm not dead. This is a sad ending but it isn't the death of me. I can move on.

I wave as the driver starts to reverse. I wish Harry would stop me from leaving. I wish he knew I was leaving. No. Stop Clementine. I continue to smile only to feel my body jolt forwards as the car suddenly stops. "Oh, sugar!" The old man huffs getting off the car.

The Malik's quickly make their way over making me confused. "I'm so sorry, I-I was reversing and it was completely empty, until a van zoomed by. Now the front tires are busted because I swerved. G.od, I should've seen it but-" "It's okay Mr. Roberto, please don't worry." Svana soothes the old man. I hop down only to be frightened by a loud roaring engine. I turn to see a familiar figure.


"Wilson?" Mr. Malik asks.

"Clementine." Mr. Wilson breathes repeatedly holding a large yellow envelope in his hands. "Y-Yes sir?" I ask, very confused. "Clementine May Wilson." He cries stretching his arms arms for me. I lean in and he pulls me into a tight hug. I look back at Svana, confused a bit uncomfortable. She steps in the situation, just as confused as I am.

"Mr. Wilson, what can Clementine- what can we do for you?" She asks. He breaks the hug handing me the envelope. "-I'm sorry, I-I just. Pl-please open it." He wipes his tears looking up at me with hopeful eyes. I nod opening the envelope.

I flip through the documents,my eyes becoming blurry while reading each word.

"This can't be. I-M-mum told me my father died. Thi-this isn't a prank is it?" I feel my breathing becoming heavy. "16 years, 16 years I haven;t had you in my arms. 16 birthdays, 16 Christmas'." "I don't get it, you're alive? But how, how am-" I was lost for words, trying to use my hands. "It's a long story but I'm glad to be with you now." He smiles, wrinkled forming on his forehead.

"Dad?" I cry dropping the papers and envelope, tightly hugging him from his wheelchair. "Clementine." I feel his heart beat. "Dad." I cry feeling every single feeling of sadness, happiness and excitement.

"D-id you really runaway from us? Mum said you did and then you died...I shouldn't have believed her- Oh Go.d, you-you're really here." We continue to hug and cry until I realize I was going to miss my flight. I stand up and Svana hugs me, she rubs my back helping me breathe. "D-dad, I have to go back home. My flight is in a few hours."

"I've canceled it. We're leaving tomorrow instead. To clear things up with your mum and the documents. S-so I can make up for the 16 years I've missed." 

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I was gonna leave this as a cliffhanger but enjoy it and half a smut ;3 I was like HmHM, my readers deserve a minute break from all the drama. Kiwi came on while I was writing and I just ASDFGHJKL.

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