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I slowly remove Harry's arms around my waist and slide out of his hold and out of the bed. I automatically grab onto the bedside table as my legs tremble when my feet touch the ground. I stand in the securing state for a couple of minutes, regaining my balance and getting rid of the numbness throughout my legs. 

I look around the room looking for my undergarments. I look through the other side of the room and see Harry's rings on his  bedside table. I smile at the thought of him taking it off before our heated moment though I didn't remember him taking it off. Wait.. did he plan to have that moment? I take a deep breathe before shaking my thoughts and grabbing my bag, entering the bathroom. I hope he doesn't mind me showering here.

I unpack my bag and pull out my undergarments and outfit for school. As well as my pouch of products including my small bottle of strawberry body wash and shower essentials. I turn the tap on, washing myself, softly humming to myself. My mind repeats what happened last night and I couldn't help but feel knots in my stomach. I feel a flush of emotions as I think and think of what happened. 


I step out of the shower with my towel wrapped around my body. I dry myself up before wrapping my hair in the towel and looking back at my naked body in the mirror. I've never felt so self aware of my body, I feel that my body isn't good enough for such a perfect man. A man who's probably experienced and takes his time to get that muscular and toned body whereas the only physical activity I do is compulsory P.E at school then eat 24/7. 

Though, I get ready for school, brushing my teeth and applying minimal make up before looking at my half charged phone and pressing the home button. I scream looking at the time, running back to the bedroom to see Harry abruptly turn to me. "I'm going to be late for school!" I shriek grabbing my bag. He picks me up before I could run downstairs, his hands holding my bum up and my legs wrapped around his torso. Moments from last night flashes through mind again. I don't think it'll ever leave my mind. "Good morning to you too" he smiles, kissing my lips. I passionately kiss him back before pulling away, "G-good morning Harry b-but I need to go to sch-school. " God, he's seen me naked but look at me... still shy and stuttering!

I look down at his unfinished buttoned blouse. I button the rest before looking back at him, laughing and unbuttoning it again. "You have to go to work too." I add. "The boss wouldn't tell himself  off would he?"He smirks and I roll my eyes, Styles Corporations. "Then why do you always leave your house just as Mila and I leave for school?"I smirk at him. "I don't know, ummm, mhhhhhm,  maybe to see my baby girl?"He smirks back making me laugh. "Ugh, what a creep." I play back. He stays silent looking down before looking back at me, "Your creep." I laugh once more. What was that about?

I pat his chest before wriggling out of his hold, "I'll see you tomorrow morning so you can stalk me, Creep." I kiss him once again before running downstairs to the driver waiting by Mila's house. 

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Woah, stressed but keeping my word with the daily update! Its currently Sunday and I've got two updates ready, hello future me and future you/yous. I'm scared to listen to the whole Flicker album.. I might just cry so hard like how I cried when H dropped Harry Styles. 

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