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Zayn Malik.

- Song: I Fall Apart by Post Malone - 

The girl I brought home this morning quickly rushes out of the kitchen out the house. Mila runs upstairs and slams the door to her room while Svana shakes her head, walking towards me, she stops in her tracks leaving a big gap between us. She rubs her face before speaking, "That is honestly disgusting Zayn! You have a fiance back in England! Bringing a hooker home and cheating on your soon to be wife and in my goddamn house!?" She yells fuming. 

I continue to smoke my blunt before she grabs it and throws it on the tiled floor. I furrow my eyebrows looking at the b.itch in front of me. "You don't know shi.t Svana so shut the up." I bluntly but truthfully replied. 

She didn't know and I don't need my father's ex-employee telling me off because I can do whatever the I want. "I will not shut the f.cuk up, you're behavior is disgusting and I'm going to make sure  Jelena knows because you're a heartless prick who can't respect anyone!" tears ooze down her cheeks from her bloodshot eyes. 

"I told you, you don't know crap Svana so shut it!" I shove the ashtray with force, glass shattering on the tiles. She continues to lash out in anger and soon dad comes rushing through the doors. "What the hell is going on here?!" he shouts embracing Svana in his arms. I scoff at the two and grab my keys on the counter. 

I was gonna drop the hooker wherever I found her last night and that'd be the end of it, Gigi cheated on me so I cheated on her. F.cuking simple, but no, they had to up my mood and my day. I grab my car keys to leave but Yusef (his father) lectures me about being a man. 

They continue to mention Jelena and my already broken heart rips word by word. Being pulled left and right, I can feel a slit down the middle widen. I feel hopeless, I feel hurt but they didn't know until the anger explodes. "Gigi cheated on me so don't f.cuking say you don't know anything about! You wouldn't know how it feels to be cheated on because you're not my mother! You slept with Yusef when you were an employee, I know it and so does my mum. You're a th-" She slaps me across my fuming red face. 

My father stands back, frozen in shock. Svana walks off upstairs and Yusef finally speaks up. After the back and forth argument, Svana walks downstairs with a suitcase in her hand and Mila behind her.  I honestly couldn't care less, they were nothing to me.


Yusef seemingly hesitates staying here but I knew he stayed so he could explain that I knew nothing about his affair and what my mother told me were all lies. But they weren't and I wasn't sticking to listen to this 

I push past him and walk out the door seeing Clementine walking up the driveway. She notices me and smiles, we make eye contact and she quickly frowns. " Are you okay?" she asks me, her arms fiddling behind her. "Yes, I am. See you later Clem." I reply before jumping into my GTR and zooming off. 

Her reaction stays on my mind and I realize what I was doing. I was walking away... again but I continue to because just like my father, it was the only thing I was good at. 

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DEVIL IN FORM OF A WHO*E, gotta love Post Malone ;P 

Y'all might be confused but Jelena is Gigi Hadid's real name so Jelena is used by Zayn's parents to be formal but Zayn calls her Gigi. ALSO, what a fcking drama turn :O 

I wonder where Clementine is gonna sleep *smirk emoji* EHUE. V & C, ya know the drill.

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