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One thing led to another and now my hands are tangled in his wet hair. His warm, heavy body hovering on top of mines. The soft pink lips I longed for finally where it should be. On mines in passionately syncing movements.

"You'll regret this." He suddenly stops, exhaling out loud while rubbing his temple. And he's right. I will, I'll regret making love with him. Letting him fill me up. I'll regret the bliss. The only moment of happiness I get.

And with my silence, he stands up and walks to the door oblivious to my heart screaming for him to stay.

"Stay. Please." I let the words leave my lips. Without second thoughts, without hesitation. "Just lay down next to me. I-I'm scared of thunder." That's merely a lie, I am afraid but I also wanted him next to me. "Fine." He huffs, making me smile a little. I don't know what I'm doing. But I'm happy. Quite happy in such a long time. 

I feel the bed sink as his body lays down next to mine - leaving a gap that I wanted to so badly close. "Good night." He turns to face the other side and so do I. "Good night."


"!" I squirm, my body jolting to Harry's. "Mhmm." He groans. "S-sorry, the thunder- I can't sleep." "Do you need a glass of warm milk? A bedtime story?" He slightly chuckles making me roll my eyes. 

"No. I'm not a child anymore." I move away from his body though his hands grip my waist, pulling me back to him. "Y-you can't do that." Yes he can my heart thought. 

"Shut up. You like it." 

"Whatever, Harry." I smile widely knowing he couldn't see my stupid face. "Stop smiling and go to sleep." His eyes were shut tight but his comment made my cheeks blush even more. "I wasn't smiling, stupid." "Don't lie, stupid." He teases back, his voice tired but so soft and angelic. 

I lay my head on his chest, feeling his heart beat and chest rise up and down. Maybe this is what Georgia felt every night.. well before their fall out? I try to lay my head in a different position, this time closer to his neck. Maybe they slept like this? Maybe not, so I decide to move more of my upper body onto his. "Quit moving around." 

"I can't sleep." This too was merely  a lie. "Well I can't too. Not with you moving around like that." I look up to see nothing but darkness, though I feel him breathe through his nose. "Ugh, you're so serious." I groan. 

"What'd you want me to say? Oh Clementine, let's talk until  fall asleep." He says in a mocking tone, indicating that he's fully awake. "I-I don't know. Maybe." 

"How's school?" 

"It's actually good, no boys- wait- you're actually asking and you actually wanna know?" I realize his joke a little too late. "Just to get you to sleep." He groans loudly. 

And for the night we go on about his work and my life and his life. How he spoke to Georgia and they were both ready and happy for a divorce. How he got into a fight with Zayn and Niall. 

"Wait, so you're telling me,-"

"My dad was on a business trip in Australia, he met my mum and they got married almost instantly- just like you and your high school sweetheart. Mum cheated on dad. He left thinking I wasn't his child but really I was. But, mum always told me my dad was dead and left the second he knew about the baby. But now your business partner is actually my father." I explain the story again. 

"And you're mum become who she is today." He finishes. "No, she's changing. and Soon she'll be here too. And we'll be a big happy family." "That's interesting." He rests his hand on my head, playing with my hair. 

"You know what's interesting... One Direction." I try to contain my laughter though I end up bursting. "Oh for sake. That whole thing was a big joke, alright?" I couldn't see him but I knew he was probably pink and embarrassed. "I think it's pretty cool. You didn't even tell me you were such a good singer."

"I'm not, and I stopped that stuff ages ago." I feel him shrug his shoulders. "How come?" I yawn, nuzzling my head on his hard chest. "Well, I-I met Georgia and I guess all my attention went there." 

"Why did you marry so young? Maybe if you didn't you'd still be together now?"

"I don't know, I guess I thought she was the one because above all the shit going on in my life she held me down. But, after we finished our last year of college, we just went our separate ways. She left to go do modelling and fashion stuff and I moved here with my family."

"You didn't tell me you had a sister and a stepdad." I process the information in my head. "Well, her name is Gemma, my mum's name is Anne and my stepdad's name is Robert. Happy?" I nod a yes, happy with him opening up to me and with me opening up to him. At least I knew something about him now. 

"I'm tired." I yawn and so does he. "Good night, for the last time. Clementine." 

"Good night, Harry." And with that I close my eyes and rest my head on him. His breathing and heart beat relaxing my mind, making me fall asleep so easily. 

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