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My phone dings breaking my attention from my homework, I smile looking at the message from Luke.

"Come hear a live, raw performance of our first song!!"

"Can't I'm doing homework 😫"

"Party pooper 🙁"

"Naww, so so sorry Lu 😬" So full of sarcasm.

"How about tmr"

"Alright, twolly 🙄😁"

"G'night twolly, rest up ❤️" (a/n: sorry if you cringed hard. But just imagine fetus Luke)

I continue doing my homework but my phone dings again. I groan grabbing it harshly. I throw it on my duvet covered bed as soon as I see the ID. I gulp before standing up, unlocking my phone and opening his message. I shouldn't have opened it! I curse under my breath feeling my stomach tie in knots. 

"Come over."

"I can't"

"And why so?"

"Homework" I'm tempted to tell him to piss off but also tempted to see him.

"Stop with the excuses. Come over before I get you myself." His words over the phone sending shivers down my spine.

"Fine" I give in to his orders before feeling like bad because I didn't go see Luke.

"You have exactly 5 minutes." "Starting now." I rush to my vanity, applying foundation over my bruises, I hope he won't see the patches though he rarely has his lights turned on at home, he can't see anything at all. I go to my window, opening it so I could sneak back in later. I walk to the door wrapping my hands around the door knob, quietly opening it beofre I press the lock and close it. I walk downstairs, hoping Svana and Zayn don't see me. I make it out the house, walking as fast as I could to Harry's, my bruised legs aching but it didn't matter because soon it'd be my arse.

I vigorously knock on the door, "6 minutes and 49 seconds." He smirks looking down at his watch. "Only e 1 minute and 49 seconds." I roll my eyes at his preciseness. He laughs before looking around the neighborhood, pulling me inside his mansion.

I look around, pretty familiar to the quite atmosphere. He turns me around to face his handsome face. He smirks looking down at me as I look up at him. I kiss his sweet pink lips, already curing my stressful day. "Please don't punish me." I mumble against his deliciously soft lips. "Bad girls need to be taught a lesson." He runs his large hands down my waist and to my backside before squeezing it. I squirm making him chuckle. "I love when you wear skirts. It makes me wanna you even more. F.cking you so hard until the neighbors call the cops or even the S.W.A.T." I could feel my parts down there moisten.

Without leaving my lips, he lifts me up bringing me upstairs. He puts me down in the window lit room "Stockings off, Kitten." "D-daddy I-I can't..." I look down hoping he'd give in and didn't see the bruises. "I'll do it myself then." His hands travel to my backside before easily ripping the material, I stand away from him.

"Come here." His eyebrows furrowed looking at my face then legs, I hesitate for a minute but do so. "What happened?" He asks holding my chin, turning my head and looking at the badly covered bruises. "It's nothing." I want to tell him the truth, I want his help, but I don't want anyone worrying about me... who's a piece of nothing. He goes down on his knees, observing the bruises.

"Cut the crap and tell me before I get someone else to." He looks up at me but I turn my head. "I fell when I climb out of the window." "Fu.cking bu.llshit Clementine. Tell me." I've never seen him so serious, so caring. His large hands touch my leg making me flinch. "I fell, and its fine! Okay?!" I snap, my eyes watery as the moment plays over and over again in my mind. He stands up wiping my tears, "I need you to tell me, princess." He tucks my hair behind my ears, trying to comfort me. "You know I can do anything to fix it." Silence fills the room before I pour my eyes out.

"I-I- there's this...g-guy at school, yesterday after class he walked inside the gi-girls bathroom, I tried to leave but he pulled me and pin-pinned me to the wall, I asked him to let me go b-but-" "Slow down princess." He gently caresses my back while I cry into his chest. I take a deep breath only making it worse "He ki-kissed me and I pushed him b-but he grabbed my hair and pushe-pushed me to the f-floor." I cry louder remembering every detail, every detail which also reminded me of my mum and the times she'd abuse me. It hurt and I thought it'd stop.

"Shh, it's okay baby." His large hands slowly run up and down my back. "I c-can't do anything about it b-but he-he hurt me! No n-no one will believe me, he's rich and I'm not-nothing!" I cry into his wet button up. "Oh but baby, I'm not just rich, I'm a billionaire... I'm not just a man, I've got power. Lots of power."

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Good morning, here's a longer chapter. I'm sick and it's cold. And I'm also very pissed about the things people are saying about Harry's X Factor Kiwi performance. Like UGH, treat people with kindness. 


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