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- Song: Killing Me Softly with His Song by Fugees-

I felt as if I was hallucinating and dreaming. But I wasn't. Though, I wish I was but then again, wasn't. God! My mind was all over the place, my feelings and thoughts were like waves crashing onto each other. The ocean blue water colliding peacefully but creating dangerous waves.

I really did kiss Mr. Styles... or he kissed me? All I knew was that my heart couldn't handle it and my mind wanted to explode. I brush my fingers past my lips, reminiscing on the surprising moment.


I hummed to the song on the radio but Mr. Styles suddenly stopped the car, only a couple of blocks away from home. I turned to see his eyes closed and head slouched down. "Mr. Styles... are you alright?" I started to worry. "Y-yes, I am.". "Yes, I am kitten." He looks at me, but this look from him was different from all the rest. He shifted on his seat, his upper body inched closer and closer until I slightly move back onto my seat trying to avoid being rude but he was extremely close to me. I could feel my cheeks turn red and warm with the minimal space between us.

The next thing I knew, his head angled slightly to the side and soon his lips delicately brushed against mine, ever so slowly and softly. His hands traveled to my cheeks, tucking my hair behind my ears. My hands brushed against his sharp jawline. I urged myself to push away but he deepened the kiss, fiery and passionate. My eyes flutter shut, completely clueless on what to do.

Our lips withdrew, and I panted trying to catch my breathe. He smiled at me and I couldn't help but cover my embarrassed bright red face away.


After dreaming about him for so long, I could no longer think straight. He was my first kiss.. and I loved it.

I loved him.

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Finally, number 10! What an achievement because I'm still writing and thinking of ideas because I will finish this, and make y'all wake up happy, ready to read and sleepy but willing to continue:)

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