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- Song: All I want by Kodaline  -

I stretch my arm as I sit on my office seat, looking directly at the white envelope on my table.  I open it to see a check, $24,000,000 it read, though, I push it aside burying my face into my hands. I don't know what I feel... I feel like it's just nothing but I feel confusion and emptiness inside me. Maybe it's a sign that I should stop with all this kink thing. Maybe I should just get back to seeing girls my age. 

Yeah, maybe that.


"Another one!" I yell gulping down my shot of whiskey, Louis and Niall shake their drunk heads joining in. "Mate, there's plenty of fish in the sea." "Okay Niall!" I laugh patting his head. As if I was even listening to his bullshi.t.

"Bububut but! I woke up this mornin' and she wasn't even there! I just stayed there and thought, f.uck how'd I - AHAHAH- END UP HERE? Alone!" I down a shot of vodka, instantly regretting it as my throat burns. "She's like your second-" "Third" Niall interrupts. "Yeah whatever Niall. No one's keeping count. Haz, you'll get over her! Pull yourself together and go find a good fu.ck!" I shake my head feeling a bit hurt with Louis' words. "She's li-like different....man."

"Well she's different 'cos she's screwing you best friend!" Niall laughs though Louis' face stiffens, "Chill! I meant Malik bro." I feel my blood boil inside. That's even f.ucking worse. "AS IF." I laugh remembering the night she came to my house wearing his jacket.

"Why's he so obsessed with her then? Her tight little pu.ssy got him wrapped just like it had you!?" I ball my hands into a fist ready to pound him to the dirty floor but Louis pats my back, keeping me calm. "The lad can't handle his alcohol." He snickers at the blonde headed fu.cker.

"F.uck you asshole, at least she's tight. Go f.uck your wife's lo-" Louis forces a bottle of beer into my mouth before I finish my sentence. Fu.ck sake, I had a good comeback. "HAHAHA totally you wanker. But here's the thing, he's askin' 'bout the school I work at mate, he wants to know if she can get into the school because she's good at music and blah blah blah. But I call bullshi.t, I bet she's good at fucking."

"Fu.cks wrong with you?" I stand up and shove him making him fall off the bar stool. He only laughs making me want to beat him up even more. "Face it Haz! You've lost her because like every other girl after Georgia, you've treated them like a toy!" He stands up brushing off his dress shirt.

"Fu.ck you and your wife. You son of a bitch." I shove him with my shoulder before walking out the bar. "Fu.ck you assho.le! Least I have a wife HAHA!" He yells.

"Haz, stop mate! You're drunk!" 

Niall's wrong. I'm gonna get her back and I'm gonna treat her like a princess because she's my princess.


I speed down the road knowing a few more metres and I'll be able to see her beautiful face. Her brown eyes, her cute freckles. Her. I park my car in the garage before  hopping out, holding roses in my hand. I run out of the garage to see her holding a bunch of pink and white flowers. 

Zayn waves goodbye to her before she enters a familiar van. Mr. Wilson's van. "What the fu.ck.." I whisper watching the scene unfold. I try to figure out what the fu.ck is happening but the engine roars and before I could stop her from leaving, the van was down the road. 

I drop the roses running to Zayn. "SON OF A BI.TCH!" I grab his shoulder, turning him to face me before punching him in the face. "What the fuck?!" He wipes the blood from his nose shoving me. "Is that all you've got?" I laugh feeling tipsy from the drinks. He throws a punch colliding with my face. "You're such a bit.ch, you know that Malik?" I cough out a laugh.

"But you'll always be a bigger bi.tch." He snickers punching me again. I groan wiping my face before throwing a punch. He falls onto the ground, I bend my knee grabbing the neck of his shirt "Where. Is. Clementine. Going?" 

"Fuck. You." He spits pushing me back. I try to stand up though he kicks me back down. "You don't deserve her. You don't deserve anyone!"

"Where the fu.ck is she going?!" I spit blood onto the cement floor. "Somewhere far from you, asshol.e." I hear the door slam huffing in anger. I breathe in the same position before standing up to walk home. 

As I open the door with my bruised hands, my phone dings. Hoping it's Clementine, I quickly dig into my pockets to see a text message through the shattered screen. 

Georgia: I think we should talk, Harry - Georgia.

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I know its been a couple of days and the rank has dropped and blah blah, but I've been busy with stuff. I hope y'all understand that I am very very sorry.

Lately with all the things in my life, I feel like I need to write and unlike before I write because I want to and like to but now it's just I need to update and blah ;/

Anywaysss, 23 more days til Chirstmassss!!!

- El

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