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- a couple of weeks later -

Niall sits down, placing his guitar on his lap and handing me another. "It's nice to see you so into music." He smiles. "Well it's dorm clean up and I don't have a dorm so might as well stick around 'til school actually ends."  I jokingly roll my eyes."Right, well what do you wanna do?"

"I wanna hear more of One Direction and maybe learn a song? "Of course, you're like our biggest fan."He gives me a hearty Irish laugh. Niall pulls out his phone, scrolling through it. He ends up playing songs called, Steal My Girl, Stockholm Syndrome, Diana and one I definitely can't forget about, I Want to Write You a Song.

"I wanna learn this one." I press pause already feeling as if this song is the one. "Alright chap." He smiles opening his thick notebook, flipping through the pages.



"Alright, see you next week Niall." I smile handing him the guitar before grabbing my bag. "Are you sure you don't need a ride, it looks like it's going to rain." His kind gesture reminds me of the time Harry took me to my music lesson. Before shit happened and whatever. "I'll be fine." I wave goodbye. "Stay safe when you're riding your bike! The road is a dangerous place!" "Alright!" I yell and point two thumbs up through the closed glass door.

I happily skip to my baby blue bike, placing my light bag in the white basket. I look up to see the grumpy grey clouds, I think it will rain but I'm too excited for the weather to stop my first bike ride (in America) home. I adjust my helmet before putting it on, while balancing with one leg on the ground, I fix my skirt and start my journey. I peddle before stopping at a red light. I look around the busy road, expensive cars and just normal cars passing through. But across the street my eyes find a lovely cafe.

One detour won't hurt? I thought before smiling to myself and riding to the cafe. I park my bike outside the cafe, removing my helmet and strapping my bag onto my back. I smile at the smell of hot chocolate, instantly remembering Zayn. "Hello sweetie! What can I get you for this fine afternoon?" I look in front of me, seeing a lovely dark skin man with pink hair, long Christmas wreath earrings and a red apron that read Merry Christmas! in a big green font.

I give him a warm smile before ordering two muffins and a hot chocolate. "Your school uniform looks so cute! What school do you go to?" He gives my change. "Hotchkiss High School." I put my change into their half full tip jar . "Shiiii honey, that school is like the Buckingham palace!" He laughs making me laugh with him. "Yeah, I'm sorta new there so I've gotten lost a few times."

"Oh my goodness, your Australian!" He squeals, more of a statement than a question. "Yeah, I'm guessing your African-American." "Mhmm, you've got that right, sweetie." I laugh at his sassy but funny personality. "Oh shiii-! Your hot chocolate is probably cold by now because of my loud mouth. I'll go make you a new one." He offers. "It's okay, I gotta go home before the rain starts." I insists. "Hurry and go home alright? See you around sweetie."

He blows me a kiss and I return the kind gesture, taking my bags of muffin and my now-cold chocolate in the other. "Cya 'round mate!" He tries to imitate an Australian accent as I wave goodbye.

I place the bag inside the basket, starting my happy journey home with my helmet on. The road is even more packed than before, full of frustrated people and just people and cars in general. I finally come to think that riding a bike home isn't the best thing. But I'm not going to tell my father that.Maybe it was just the rainy weather or the time of the day but I don't want to have this sense of freedom and quite space to myself taken away.

I look up seeing the lights turn red, so I decide to quickly fix my wet skirt and blouse. *HONK* *HONK* *HONK* I hear before suddenly loosing my balance, making my body fall onto the puddle of brown water on the side of the road. The water soaks my whole bottom, my socks and the lower half of my blouse. I wince feeling my knee and arm sting due to the fresh cut from the fall.

"Go get a driver, rich girl!" I hear a male voice say before a couple of others join him, laughing. The worn out silver car drives around me and probably to hell. " sake." I sniffle, pushing my now damaged bike aside to try and get up, where the stupid rain doesn't help at all. 

"Here." I dry the small droplets tears from my cheeks and the bottom of my eyes, looking up at the droplets of rain hitting the palm of a familiar tattooed hand.

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