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(Can we just take a minute and talk about how.. how beautiful and ADASHKA H is)

I look around the beautiful night sky, the captivating lights decorating the streets and scenery. "I swear, we're gonna die before we even get to that 5 star hotel! The man's driving on the wrong side of the road dad!" Mila huffs crossing her arms. Mr. Malik shakes his head chuckling "Don't mind her, it's her first time here." "It's so pretty." I whisper against the slightly cold window looking at the purple lights of the London Eye. Svana rubs my back smiling as she adores the magic with me. 


I fall on the soft  bed, looking up at the exquisite ceiling and it's small chandelier. I use my feet to pull my shoes off before pondering at the view through the open curtains. London, a place I thought I'd never see. Not in a million years. Not me. I run my hands through my hair before laughing. "No way..." I feel my eyes water, "No way!" I laugh alone in my own room. "Yes way, get dressed we're having dinner!" Mila laughs barging into my room. "Wear the red dress!" She claps her hand. "Wha-what red dress?" I quickly sit up. "Oops, I went through your clothes back home." "M-Mila..." She giggles, a smug smirk on her face "Don't worry Clem! I won't tell anyone about you and Luke."

She way way off, though, I don't deny her assumptions. Knowing Mila, she'll  just question me and I still haven't thought about the whole alibi."I'll wear this instead." I say, picking out a casual black long sleeve dress. 

I pair the dress with cute lacey socks and my converse only making her laugh

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I pair the dress with cute lacey socks and my converse only making her laugh. "When are you going to wear decent shoes?" "These are great shoes!" I laugh defending my favorite sneakers. "Girls, time to go!" Svana's voice can be heard through the white door. "Let's go." She smiles pulling me from the bed. 

We walk side by side to the lobby, the height difference visible because of her high heels. We wait as Mr. Malik talks to the receptionist. My wondering eyes light up at the sight of Harry. I smile, looking at his casual attire of black jeans and a white shirt peaking through his white jacket. Something I rarely see him in because he's such a serious business man. I watch as he hands his keys to a worker before entering. How many cars does this man seriously have?!

He looks around, rubbing his tired eyes before walking towards the other receptionist. Mr. Malik notices the tired man, they quickly shake hands and have a short conversation before he walks off. He continues to walk making me frown because he didn't notice me. I watch him get into the elevator, his eyes immediately meet mine as if he knows I've been standing there all along. His beautiful lips form a smirk before he licks his lips, making me shift onto Mila. She looks up from her phone, seeing me look at Harry's direction before making gagging noises. I want to slap her, right here, right now.


I continue to eat the tiny green salad on the expensive looking plate before I feel my phone vibrate on the pocket of my dress. I excuse myself, walking to the restroom quickly pulling my phone out, hoping it's Harry. 

"I can't sleep thinking about you in that dress, Kitten."

"Gosh, go to sleep Harold" 

"I can't wait to see what you've got to offer at that damn ball." 

"Patience Mr. Billionaire" I chuckle imagining him in his serious business man attire.  

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Marriage quality has been legalized back in my mother's hometown. I'm very happy and thankful. Love is love, God loves all, thank you Australia!!!!!

A short filler chapter but the next is going to be special. Stay tuned. Thank you for being kind 


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