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- Song: Perfect Duet by Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé -

The thought of Clementine lingers through my mind as I stride into the familiar building. WILSON ARCHITECTURE  it read in big, bold and sharp letters.

And what if I so happen to be the one who replaces Wilson's only child's name to Clementine May Styles? As disappointed he'll be, he'll know a great man has taken his only inherent. But, that's if he'll even let me to begin with.

Though, I smile knowing this girl had me hooked because not once after Georgia did I think I'd be interested in a real relationship again. It's like she's some type of gift, the best gift.

"Sir..-Sir" I divert my eyes from the building's extravagant feature wall and down onto a large pair of breasts. "Oh excuse me." The high pitched female voice giggles while covering her chest, I turn around and cough- or pretend to- to avoid the fact I've just been staring at the receptionist's boobs. It's not my fault, she's probably got more buttons undone than I do.

"What can I do for you sir?" I turn around to meet a kinda beautiful blonde whose grey eye's definitely catches my attention...that is, besides her pushed up breasts literally trying to escape her almost half unbuttoned blue dress shirt where a name tag should be.

"I-um, I'm here for a meeting with Wilson and Floyd and their team." I keep my eyes glued on hers... where something other than friendly and welcoming lingers. I've seen this before and it ended well for me, but that was the old me.

She simply smiles and diverts her attention to the large computer situated in front of her. I look down only to look back up after realizing my towering height gave me easy access to view her cleavage. What type of workers does Wilson have here?

She seems to be taking her time, probably expecting me to look down and notice her boobs again but all I can think of is Clementine, really. I wonder how she is and what she's doing right now... is she thinking of me? I'm becoming like those cliche guys.

After what feels like centuries, the blonde finally directs me to a floor and conference room number. I quickly mutter a thank you and leave before anything unnecessary happens.

I step into the elevator and like any other normal human being, I look up. And when I do I see the blonde receptionist eyeing me like I was her dinner or something. God, she was driving me over the edge. Not because of her breasts or her hungry eyes - not even the way she's licking her lips, but the thought of my sweet Clementine teasing me like that. Being all seductive and dominant, but I can't say I don't like her innocence and submissiveness.

Pressing the floor number and the close button repeatedly, the elevator finally takes off. Giving me a few seconds of more thinking to myself again.

And with a ding , the shiny metal doors slide open, revealing the once again, familiar interior. I step out and walk to the conference room. Though I pass by the open waiting space seeing a teenage boy on his phone. "Yes, I do love you Brook!" He does a very bad job of whispering making me lightly chuckle. "Whatever you gold digger." I watch him stuff his phone in the pockets of his black jeans before walking to the conference room. Stupid kid, I wonder why security hasn't come and collected this skinny twig of a boy. An interesting receptionist and broken surveillance camera's?

I enter the conference room, seeing the happy faces of rich business men and women. Their attention diverts from the large screen and to me. They stand up and I give them all a firm hand shake before taking a seat next to the grey haired man, Floyd.

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