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Saturday morning-

I wake up to the sound of music blasting through the doors. I rub my eyes open, adjusting to the not so dark room. I turn to my side and find my door slightly open. I swear, I sleep with the doors locked. I groan, shoving my pillow between my ears trying to block the loud music. 

After hoping, praying and wishing that the music would turn off, it only got louder and louder.  I push my blanket aside and stretch. I open the door and follow the sound of rock music. My journey ends in a room at the end of the hallway, I peek through the gap and see the back of a tan body sitting on the large bed. Zayn?

I decide to knock however I receive no answer. I knock harder, tempted to just barge in. After a few more knocks, a half naked Zayn peers through the door. Tattoos scattered around his arms and chest, unexpected.   I scream and quickly turn around. Great, he could probably see my butt cheeks with these short shorts. I quickly turn back around. He chuckles deeply, water dripping from his dark brown hair to his muscular body. 

I keep my eyes focused on his, trying to avoid the water slowly down his abs and to the towel wrapped around his waist. "I-uh-can you uh- please turn that down?" "Not trying to be boss-bossy but it's hard to sleep." I added before he could reply. I dint wan't to come out as bossy in a place that I didn't even own. 

He walks off making me feel completely stupid. He was ruse to his family so why would I even think he would be nice to me. Soon I realize he turned the music off and I was standing by his door  like an idiot. Before I could leave he was back by the door.  Zayn chuckles again, "Forgot I wasn't by myself, sorry about that love." He pushes his jet black hair back, his tattooed arms flexing. 

"I-I'm gonna go back to sleep." I wish I wasn't so embarrassing around men, well extremely mysterious and handsome men.  I walk off trying to cover my backside without being obvious.

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I'm on spring break and honestly, I have writers block everyday but I'm avoiding homework and studying to get as much done so I can publish a big amount and have some to publish when I'm lazy. 


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