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He holds a serious face as Svana hugs him. He didn't even bother hugging her back. "Cut the crap Svana." He laughs shaking his head.. "Zayn, that is not a way to talk to your mother!" Mr. Malik was furious. "Step." Zayn adds, looking at his father with a smug expression. I notice he has a British accent just like his dad but a bit stronger.

Oh yeah, Mila mentioned she had a stepbrother. So she was probably from Svana and Zayn from the first mum?

Svana takes a seat across Mila leaving the seat in front of Zayn empty. Great. I place the plate of roasted vegetables down and give a shy smile and hi to the insanely beautiful guy in front of me. My heart wanted to leap out of my body right here and right now but I need to contain myself. 

Dinner started off awkward until Mila speaks up. "Mum, dad, Clem and I baked cookies today, we're gonna sell them for fundraising bright and early tomorrow!".

"That's great sweetie." Svana smiles. "Why can't you just give her money?" Zayn looks over to his dad. Before Mr. Malik could speak, Mila interrupts "It's for the cheerleading team and the captains a biatch so, no way she's getting MY dad's money." Zayn chuckles. "Clem? Is that your name?" He asks me. God he was so cute. "C-Clementine but y-yeah.. Clem for short." God why was I stuttering!!!?

"No need to be shy sweetie." His lips form a quick smirk makign me look down to my plate blushing so hard. "Are you in that dumb cheerleading team?" he asks. "It's not a dumb cheerleading team and no Clem isn't. I tried to get her to join but no, she's joined the music club." Mila answers for me making me slightly pissed off because I have my own voice to use.  "Mhmm, a much better choice" He smirks again, God my heart.

"Well, thanks for the dinner. I'll be up in my old room, that I hope nobody's touched, if anyone needs me." He gets up before turning to look at Svana when mentioning his room. He walks out with his luggage that was on the floor. And it became dead quite.

Soon the atmosphere loosens up and everyone was having a nice laugh. "We're gonna go for our morning walks tomorrow, you coming?" Mila asked me. "Nah, I wanna sleep in before a big day of knocking on people's doors." I giggle and she joins.

"I might ask Zayn but I honestly wish he stopped coming back here and just stayed at his goddamn house in England." Mila laughs. Svana slightly smiles looking down at her plate but Mr. Malik doesn't respond.

Maybe they weren't the picture perfect family, I thought they were.

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Zayn's character is like you know, that rude and salty stepson because he wants his actual mum but it didn't work out with his dad and now he like hates his fam LMAO.

Vote and Comment my kiwi fruits, Harry make his appearance soon so wait my Harry stans;3

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