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- a drama filler, smut in next x -

Mila groans beside me as we walk into the crowded hallway. "We need another week off." "We had two." I laugh dodging the students and walking to our lockers. "Why's everyone staring at you?" She asks making my head turn. I look around to see some students looking at me, some whispering to their friends. "Are you sure it's me? I'm no one important." I brush them off knowing it wasn't me and probably Mila. 

I open my locker ready to shove my bag inside and get my books when I see graffiti in a dark red color on my locker door. "What the" Mila pushes the door wider. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I observe the bold words, YOURE DEAD watch out. "W-what? No one knows my locker code.." I turn to Mila who's eyes were wide open making me believe this isn't her prank. "It's probably some type of  joke." She looks around, some students laughing. "Did I just hear you laugh?" She approaches a group of girls who shake their heads and walk away. 

"Mila, it's okay. It's probably Luke or Keneti." She assures me while shove my History nooks in my bag. "How would they know my code." I say looking at the threat before shutting my locker. "Maybe you left it open or something." I shake my head feeling the familiar feeling of worry. "Look, there they are- LUKE, KEN!" She yells waving her hands towards us. 

Keneti grabs her waist before smashing his lips onto hers making me cringe and look away. "Mm-okay, okay." She pushes him away before wiping her mouth only making him chuckle. I give Luke a nice long hug before a smug look appears on Mila's face. "Did you guys mess around with my locker?" I ask already losing my patience. "No.. why Clem?" Luke's eyes fill with worry making my heart melt. 

I open my locker letting them view the frightening words. "Is this your joke?" I ask looking at Keneti and Luke, mostly Keneti. "No. That's some sick joke." They both shake their heads. Luke takes a closer look before Keneti does the same. "That bastard." Keneti breathes, looking closely at the red words. "W-what? Who?" I ask, having an idea on who.

"The one who's parents fund the school. The one who's very fu.cked up. The one that got his head fu.ckign smashed in." He chuckles at the end. "Brayden." I slam the metal door shut. "What?! That asshole got beat? By who?!" Mila laughs making me chuckle. Fuck him, he can't do anything..wait , he can. 

"We need to-" *DING DING DING* "do something." I finish my sentence though students rush all over the place, some bumping into each other. But we stand still, arguing about what to do. "I can't tell anyone in there. No one will believe me!"

"They will." The three agree to each other.

"No, I don't fund the school like he does. In fact I'm not even an actual student here." 

"My parents can help." Mila says. 

"No Mila, I don't want to drag other people down with me."

"You aren't-"

"You know what, let's just go to class. I still need to tell Mrs. Cooper why I haven't handed the assignment in."

Luke goes to his class while us three go to ours. I apologize for distracting the class and coming in late before we take our seats. "The b.itch, the asshole and the both." Brayden chuckles from his seat at the front. 

"Mr. Hoffman, I've told you twice. Stop with the rude comments." Mrs.Cooper snaps at him. "O..Oh okay Nancy, keep yelling at me because soon you won't even have a job." He bites back, making the whole room quieten down.  "Its Mrs. Cooper to you. And if you have a problem with being told off, do the right thing." She grips the textbook in her hands. 

"I do what I want! I own this school, you work for me stupid b.itch!" He stands up, pushing his table making her move aside. "Sit down!" She orders him, as we watch silently. "You sit down before I fire you right now!" He yells grabbing his bag. "I am going to ask one more time. Please sit down or I will not hesitate to call Principal Thorpe." 

"I said, I do what I want! Son of a b.itch!" He approaches her before grabbing the collar of her striped blue blouse. "Let go of her!" I yell looking around a the students who don't bother to say anything. "What was that?" He lets go of her before walking towards me, bruises and cuts evident on his face. 

"You stupid, stupid f.ucker. You're the reason why I look like this! You got me beat up by some England man and I'm gonna make sure you end up looking like this!" He spits picking on me with his index finger. "I-I didn't do anything." I stutter but gain my confidence remembering my attitude when I stood up to my mum. "Don't even try to act innocent, you bi.tch. I'll find him. And I'll kill him!" 

England man? British man...

Zayn? Harry?

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Sooooo, I wrote this until I was like, my readers are gonna get bored so this is a filler but I will double update today because I didn't update yesterday and the next chapter is a lil' bit noice ;3hehe 

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