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- Song: Let It Go by James Bay (NOT ELSA AHA) -

I step out of the van, looking up to see a fairly large house. "We can get a bigger house if you want." Dad's helper, Mr. Solomen, helps him out of the van. "N-no dad, it's amazing." I smile.

I breathe in before opening the French door, my eyes automatically land on an elevator sitting at  the back of the large room. "Your room's upstairs and mine's downstairs with my office and stuff." He smiles. I push his wheelchair along to the elevator, the buttons just the right height for him. "I don't know what your favorite color is but I got it painted pink and I know it's a girly color but we can change it if-"

"Dad, it's fine." I laugh, assuring the stressed man. "But Clementine, I think it overdid it with the whole pink. Promise me you'll be honest -" "Dad!" I laugh. "Okay, okay." He puts his hands up, surrendering. The elevator dings and we make it to the top floor. "Right and then left at the door with a gold door knob." He points. How extra but so cute.

He pushes the door open, and we step in. "Woah." I breathe. I look at the overly large pink princess like bed, the cute vanity table and small but elegant chandelier. "Y-you like it?"

"Are you being honest?" "Clementine, please don't lie." Dad shakes his head looking worried. "I love it!" I squeal giving him a hug. "You really didn't have to do this dad." Overwhelming feelings crawl up to my stomach. "Sixtee- I did." He pauses mid sentence before holding my hand.

"Alright, let's go back downstairs to get your things so you can fix your closet and get ready for your guest."



I finish packing my clothes into the large walk in closet before hearing the doorbell ring. "I'll get it!" I yell, knowing dad couldn't even hear me from up here.

I run downstairs opening the doors to see him. "Oh, it's you." I playfully roll my eyes though my smile fades seeing Zayn's bruised face and bandages. "I see your guest has arrived." Dad says behind me. "Mr. Wilson, pleasure to see you." Zayn shakes his hand. "Sorry to ask but did you get into a fight or do I need glasses?" He asks observing Zayn's appearance closely. "I would never get into a fight purposely sir, it was just to help a lady in the sidewalks." "Hm, alright mate, I'll leave you two to talk. I've got business plans with your father to discuss." I watch him wheel his chair to his office.

"Why are you here- wait no, what happened to your face?" "I've got some news for you." He smiles walking inside. "Okay... but what happened to your face?" "Nothing. But I've got news." He shuts the door behind him. "As if..but is it good or bad?" I ask ushering him to the lounge room.

"Good." He smiles taking a seat. "Wait I'll get you a drink." I stand up and run to the kitchen fetching us a glass of lemon juice. I come back placing the drinks down and taking a seat. "So there's this private catholic school. Girls only and it's pretty good with the whole learning shi.t and no boys to...yeah." He urges. "Mhmm."I nod, confused.

"Well I got you a spot, I've spoken to Mr. W-, your dad about it. It's up to you. They're willing to offer you a scholarship but.. you seem like you don't need it." He laughs looking around the expensive house. "Really?!!?! Well, yeah I'd love to Zayn! When do I stat and what's their dress code?"I ask jumping up and down in excitement.

"I'll get the documents from Niall and once that's done you'll be good. I don't know shi.t about the dress code though." He laughs.

"Well, how have you been?"I smile happy with the good news. "Woah, it's not like we didn't speak two nights ago." "Just kidding, I'm pretty good actually. I'm slowly getting there with Mila and Svana and Yusef-" "You mean 'dad'." I cut him off. "Yes okay, you're a great friend and that but work with me here dude." I roll my eyes.

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