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WARNING: This chapter includes a very sensitive subject, if you do not feel comfortable reading about divorced parents, family problems and ect.  Please skip. Thank you and I apologize for any inconvenience. 



The scorching heat meets my skin once again. My feet touch the hard ground before dad's wheelchair slowly rolls down the flat ramp of the private jet. "Home sweet home?" I smile, slowly nodding to his question. It isn't sweet but it'll always be my home. We take in our surrounding, letting the hot air and beaming sun rays sit into our skin before deciding to get into his car. 

It wasn't long until we were sitting inside an empty room. Three chairs and two envelopes  containing the most important pieces of paper I'll ever know. We wait for mum to show up though the sun starts to set, just like our hopes. 

"Clementine." I quickly stand up, seeing my mother. "Mum." I give her my best smile. My heart pushing me to hug her but my brain scared shi.tless. She doesn't seem intoxicated, maybe she's changed.

"Robert Hopper Wilson." She shakes her head small droplets of tears roll down her pink cheeks. He smiles in return clearing his throat. "Jodie Smith Wilson." He tries to laugh though his voice comes out shaky, as if there's a lump in his throat. "16 years." I feel their once connected hearts communicate in the silence of the room.

Mum takes a seat in front of us, reaching for my hand. I hesitantly give it to her though I reach out and hold her skinny palms. She looks deeply into my eyes, making my heart wrench in pain for how terrible I've been to her. For being so against her. For hating her.  "Alright, let's do this." She sniffles quickly wiping her tears and pulling her hands away. 

She slowly reads the papers surprising me at the fact she cares. "She's all yours Rob..-Ert." She gives a weak smile, caressing my hands. "T-thank you Jodie." She takes the other envelope though he quickly stops her. "I-I don't think the documents in this envelope are n-needed." He slips the envelop back to him and we look at him both taken back.

"I-I know. I understand... why. Why you want a d-divorce. I've treated you like complete shit! Hell, our daughter is 16 and I-I've been h-hiding her all along! I've hurt her, I've hurt you. Let God punish me Robert! I deserve this!" The whole room slowly  fills with the sobs and tears we were  previously holding. "I- haven't stopped loving you, Jodie. I may have left but, I was lost in this whole business thing! I was lost. And even more without you!" Dad replies trying to stand up and hug her skinny body. I burst out cry watching him try to stand up, trying so hard just to feel mum's embrace. "Dad!" I plead feeling tears rush down my cheeks like a fountain. 

Mum quickly rushes to his side, holding him down onto his wheelchair, hugging his upper body tightly that I could see her knuckles turn white. "I'm sorry." They cry into each teach others hold. I join their embrace feeling my heart whole again, something it hasn't been in such a long god damn time. "I-I'm going to change Robert. I'm going to change for you, for Clementine. I- love you two so much."


My mother hugs me, the first time she's ever hugged me since I was 7 years old when I sang her broken heart to sleep. "I'm sorry." Continues to leave her lips. Though I answer telling her it's okay and to stop because everything is fine. "H-How was America sweetie?" She sobs holding me tightly like she held Dad, who was outside the room making a phone call. 

"I-It's been a lot..." I whisper Then explain everything about Mila and the Malik's, Brayden and my music. "I've never told you this but I've always had it stuck between the roof of my tongue but you're a great singer." She lightly laughs. "Re-remember when you were like six years old? and-and you sang to me. I was crying because of this ugly douche- oh go.d!" We both laugh remembering the night. "He just wasted my time, my time I could've spent on you." She shakes her head.

"M-mum." She looks down at me, her tears falling onto my hair. "Yes, Clementine?" "I-I think I love this b-boy." I look down feeling my cheeks burn pink thinking of him. "Oh sweetie." She smiles. "But's hes broken my heart." I add making her frown. 

"You said you love him..right?" She asks and I take a few minutes before nodding. "Whatever he's done to you, you need to ask yourself if it's worth not seeing that face every morning in 10 years. Look at me and your dad, I've done his so wrong. So-So wrong baby, but like, he-he still loves me."

"I d-on't.... know mum." 

"If you really love him, your heart will find a way to forgive him. Because it's meant to be and because without you he feels empty. And without him, you feel empty. Don't make the same mistakes I've made. Don't keep your anger and hatred until you're old and grey." She smiles warming my heart. For once she's actually said something helpful to me. 

But, I don't know.

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Are you crying? Sorry if this is a touchy subject. I hope you're enjoying the book though.

Many surprises and twists. Stay tuned. Harry's POV real soon :)

Is that drama I hear? AHAHAH yes? 

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