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I tightly shut my eyes, feeling his hot breath fan down my stomach to my oozing area. "P-please." I whimper grabbing the head board of his large bed. "Please what?" His big hands slowly open my legs, spreading them apart before rubbing my inner thighs and my pleasing area through my panties. "Please Daddy! Please...stop teasing! Please touch me!" I beg, letting my emotions take over and as soon as those words leave my lips, he rips my panties apart. He's buying me more undergarments. Asshole. "Open your eyes." He commands dominantly.

I look at him before her inserts a finger inside me. I jolt and scream at the sudden and merciless contact. Daddy continues to pump his finger, easing the pain and turning it into pleasure before adding another, making me whimper as he digs his fingers knuckle deep with his his rings on... what a cruel but angelic man.

He trusts his fingers faster before kissing my inner thighs, what a great multitasker. He hardly shoves his fingers making me gasp and tug at his chocolate curls. "Faster d-addy" I moan feeling myself tighten around his large fingers. This was just his fingers.. imagine his His big length deep inside me, hitting the right spot every hard thrust. F.cking me hard.

"Almost the-there.. faster... pl-please, give me more!" I scream in ecstasy before he pulls his fingers out, making me breathe heavily as my lungs expanded with air. I look up at his threatening green orbs before whimpering, "Please, let me cu.m!" Though he only chuckles, "Naughty girls don't get to cum. Now get up." His dominance angering but scaring me. "Daddy, please. Please touch me, let me cu.m!" I bite my lip, begging him as I feel my stomach tie in knots. He shakes his head before I decide myself, bringing my hands to my wet core.

I rub circles before inserting two fingers, fingers that were nothing compared to his. I look down to see his eyebrows furrow though his concentration pierces between me and my womanhood where my tiny fingers tried to fill his shoes. I moan rubbing circles, pumping fast, but not fast enough. I feel him stare me down but I continue whilst moaning his name. "O-oh Daddy." I know it's driving him insane, but, he doesn't stop me. I curse before releasing and feeling the rapture in my whole body.

I catch my breathing, steadying my nerves from the first time I've really touched myself like that. I sit up looking at him, his eyes angry and still fixated between my closed legs. "Get up." He blankly states. "No." we look at each other with angry eyes. "I said get up!" He yells making my body drag itself out. Then it hit me. I am naked. My ugly body, every imperfection... visible to him. I try to cover myself with my arms but he stands up removing them and looking at my body up and down.

I stand on my tippy toes and give him a kiss on the cheek as an apology but he smirks and shakes his head. "Not on your toes, on your knees baby." I turn a bright pink color before doing so. He removes his button up, leaving it on the floor revealing his beautifully sculpted muscles. "Hand."

I give him my hand only for him to place it on his belt, giving me a signal. I stand on my knees, unbuckling his belt before pulling it out on one side and chucking it on the floor. I unbutton and unzip his pants before bringing them to his feet. I look up at the tent forming in his boxers making me smile to myself knowing I caused it. "What'd I tell you before?" He snaps at me. "Th-the longer i take, the more time you'll take to p-punish me." "You weren't stuttering like that before. When you touched yourself, the way I should. And only I, unless I give you the permission to do so." "O-okay Daddy." I look up at him feeling wetness drip down my inner thighs.

I hesitantly dip my thumbs in the band of his grey Calvin Klein boxers before pulling it down. His large, erecting member slaps his stomach. I grab his length, slowly licking the tip. It's too big. "Don't tease or I won't hesitate to shove it down your throat." It isn't fair because he teased me. He instructs me to pump with my hands and I do as I'm told. Trying to satisfy him so I could avoid his big being shoved down my throat.

"Faster." He commands. I pump faster before he grabs me by my messy hair, pushing my face towards his length. I'm clueless but soon I understand and open my mouth, sucking as I pump. I look up as he throws his head back, groaning sinful words, such sinful, sinful words.

The pace fastens even more, my jaw aching but he continues as if it's only the beginning. Tears blur my eyes as his thrusts into my mouth, making me gag. I don't think a 16 year old, inexperienced in sex... rough oral sex could take in something that big. But interestingly, I liked it. I enjoy the pain and the pleasure he gives. My Daddy gives.

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