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Lou adjusts my hair, adding more spray before walking off. She comes back holding my suit covered by a large bag, her reflection on the mirror smug. "Here you go, Mr. Billionaire." I smile at the name, reminding me of Clementine. "Cheers Lou, I'll see you tonight." I walk out of her hotel room before taking the elevator to mine.

The elevator stops one floor from mine, the door opening and showcasing a beautiful Clementine. She steps in, her feet still wobbling making me chuckle. "You're such a d.ick" I smirk at her choice of words. "Oh and here's your jacket too Mr." She shakes her head handing me my jacket. I grab the jacket, dropping it on the floor with my suit before taking her hand and pinning her to the wall. "H-harry." She whimpers. "It's Daddy to you, Kitten." I harshly grab her pretty arse before kissing her neck, sucking and biting "S-stop D-d-daddy." "Oh Kitten, you're just making me want more."

"Oh-ugh, it takes, mhm, so long to c-cover a hickie." Her small hands try to pull my head away. "Well, don't. Let them know who you belong to." I wink before grabbing my suit and jacket walking out of the now open elevator. "You're a d.ick." She shakes her head smiling. "You'll be begging for mine tonight, Princess."


I step out of my car, holding my tie in one hand and my keys in the other. I hand my keys to a valet before entering the french doors. Lights flash and sweet jazz music along with chattering fill the large room. I hide my tie behind my back, standing still for the photographers before walking off.

I turn around feeling a small squeeze on my shoulder, "He knows how to be a billionaire but he doesn't how to tie a tie!" Lou shakes her head laughing. "A little bit of help please?" I ask handing the purple tie to her. "I thought I ironed your suit." "Oops, had a little accident." She smacks my shoulder. The atmosphere gets louder, flashing of cameras can be heard as people crowd over the entrance door.

"Stop moving around." Lou snickers. My eyes watch the crowd by the door where voices topple on top of each other "Who's this?" "Whats your name?" "Is this your child Mr. Malik?" "Where's Zayn?" 

"Harry Edward Styles, must I tell you again?" Lou's voice fades as my body stiffens at the sight of my princess.  "Good." I hear Lou laugh before I feel my world slow down. Our eyes instantly catch each other's. Her long blonde hair hanging loose, her chest exposed with the deep cut of her red, short dress. She looks so delicious. So tempting. Her sweet toothy smile turns into a frown making me raise my eyebrows. But she turns away and shyly smiles for the photographers. I shake my thoughts away as I see the familiar brown quiff. "Hazza!" Liam welcomes me in a big bro hug. "So proud of you mate." I greet Louis and Niall. "Thanks boys."

The boys and I catch up, something we haven't done in a long time. "Find yourself a nice lady t'night, Payno." Niall chuckles. "Shut it." Liam bites back. "Well he is married." Louis smirks. "Don't see you going anywhere, Lou." "The flow is where I'm going, but I think Hazz here has a pretty lil' lady." He lifts his chin, gesturing to someone behind me. I turn around to see Clementine watching me before she turns her head away. "I bet ya, 3 months." Niall pulls a hearty Irish laugh making me want to knock him flat. "Nah mate, haven't I told you what he did for her?" Liam joins in, telling the story. "Cut the boy some slack!" Tomlinson pats my back smiling at me then at her direction. My best mate. 

The event begins, I wave goodbye to the boys before an usher leads me to my table. I take a seat with Yusef, his wife, Mr. Floyd from the London Enterprise and Mr. Wilson who's on his wheel chair. "It's going to be a great night!" Yusef cheers. We talk amongst ourselves, some people dropping by our table to congratulate us. "It's all Harry here." Wilson pats my back. "Thank you, I hope you enjoy the night." I give a firm handshake.

"Girls, glad for you to join us." Yusef jokes. I look up to see those familiar brown eyes. I smirk staring her body down, noticing she's covered the love bites I've given her... oh how she'll regret that decision. "Wilson and Floyd, my daughter Mila and our exchange student from Australia, Clementine." They exchange greetings as I ponder to myself, the words exchange student echoing in my mind. 


"Hmm, Australia. Where from?" I look up to see Clementine and Mr. Wilson engage in a conversation. I watch her easily talk to the old man. "Perth." I come to think that I don't actually know where she's from or when she's leaving. "I know someone from Perth. Well... knew." Wilson chuckles. "I'm sure you won't know my mum." Clementine giggles. Her sweet smile making my pants tighten. "What's her name dear?" I should stop eavesdropping.

I turn around, pretending not to listen though my curiosity's killing me. "Jodie, Jodie Smith." I pretend to look busy, as if I'm waiting for someone.  "Jodie, blonde hair? About 37 years old now?" "Yeah, 38 year's old now." "Oh-" The loud speak breaks their conversation. My mind still curious. 

"Put your hands together for the man himself, Harry Edward Styles!" I gather my thoughts while the whole room fills with cheers and clapping, though all of these people didn't matter. My Princess puts her hands together, smiling from ear to ear. I feel my heart skip a beat before I stand up, taking my glass of wine and making my way to the front.

I come to an end with my long speech, "Thank you for everyone who's come out to support the companies tonight. It means a lot to us. And I couldn't have done this without you." I raise my glass, staring directly at Clementine, who's cheeks burn pink under bright chandeliers.

People don't notice my specific gesture to the sweet girl because they're busy drinking and clapping. The  photographers take my photo before I hand the mic to the MC. I shake hands with some people on the way to the table. As I near the table Clementine stands up and walks to what I'm assuming is the restroom. I put my glass down before excusing myself, "Spilled some on my suit." I chuckle walking to the restroom. 

I quicken my pace, grabbing Clementines arm before dragging her into the disabled restroom. I harshly pin her to the wall, making her whimper at the pain. A gesture that always gives me a great reaction from her. "Oh how you look so tempting in that little red dress, baby." I whisper running my hands up her thigh. I rub her area, feeling the lace material. "I could you right here." I grind my lower half onto hers. She lets out a shaky moan, "Or you could f.uck that woman I saw you with earlier tonight." She pushes me. I chuckle deeply at her comment and braveness, "Lou? Kitten you've got it all wrong." "Wh-what?" She stutters, her cheeks bright pink. "Tsk, tsk. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to punish you for that behavior too." 

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"Harry Styles is rumored to perform in Victoria Secret Shanghai show along with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift" AHAHAHAH MY ASSH0LE. I wanted to see if VS could pull that off but CAN'T WAIT FOR OUR BABY AND IM DYING WITH THOSE HARRY PHOTOS.... THE GLASSES FCCCKCK. 

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