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I watch her from the end of the hallway, going into her bedroom. I quickly run inside mine, looking outside the window to see her dust herself off from the grass and run to the cu.nt's house.

Why Clementine? Why?

This was a habit of hers, she thinks no one knows but I do. And I wish I stopped her from the first day she snuck out to see him. I wish I stopped her from meeting him. I know they'd eventually meet but I didn't know he was still into that sh.it with young girls.

I take my leather jacket and car keys, still pissed off about not having my motorbike back and instead using Liam's car. I run downstairs and out the house ignoring Svana and Mila. Yusef is probably at another meeting. Doesn't surprise me to be honest.

I hop in the car ready to venture out to God knows where and get drunk and have a good fuc.k though I catch a glimpse of a familiar body. Her small figure trembling and hands grabbing the ends of her shirt while crying. I wait a couple of minutes before calling out her name.

The look on her face is priceless, shocked as if she was a murderer caught red handed, but, I don't show her any feelings but care and sympathy. "Let's go." Clementine walks to the passenger door, unsure but she hops in and I speed off down the road.


"Here." I hand her a warm cup of hot chocolate. We sit down drinking our warm drinks to which surprises me, Zayn Malik, drinking hot coco and not alcohol while watching the stars and the night sky, what a champ. Comfortable silence sits between us before I decide to speak. "It'll be alright. You'll be able to come back here and I'm sure karma will eat that f.ucker." I rub her back with my free hand.

"Y-yeah. I just hate that it's because of a dumb reason. I don't wanna go home to my m-mum. I'll miss Mila, and you and everyone and him." She drys the tears rolling down her cheeks. "And Harry?" I ask and she nods in return. "How about this, I'll make sure you can continue your music thingys back in Perth and during your breaks you can come here and have a holiday." She starts to cry again. "No, no don't cry." I'm such a screw up.

"I-I don't know how to tell Harry. And how will I see him?! I'll miss him so much-" I hug her with one arm, pulling her small body next to mines. "Will he miss you?" I ask making her head shoot up. I shouldn't have asked that. "Y-yes, he will. What do you mean?"

"Nothing." I shake my head drinking my coco. "No Zayn, what do you mean?" I feel two voices appear in my head, "Tell her!" The a wicked voice says, "Don't tell her. She'll-" The evil voice cuts the other off "Tell her! She deserves to know." What the fu.ck is happening to me.

"H-he's not the right one for you." I scratch the back of my head knowing this isn't gonna end well but it's for her own good. "I'm even more confused now."

"I mean- he's...he's not good for you." I look down avoiding her eyes. "Why? He's a great person Zayn. And okay, we're seven years apart but I love him."
These words leaving her mouth make me uncomfortable, knowing he's taken a stage of another girl. And what's even worse is she thinks it's love. "What's his favorite color?" I ask looking up to her unsure facial expression. "What's his mum's name? Whats his sister's name? What's his stepdad's name?" I throw questions seeing her expression turn clueless.

"Exactly. You can't love someone just like that. You don't even know anything about him. You're being naive Clementine." "I know but I just love him. Haven't you ever loved someone like that!? Like you just see them and feel your heart become whole. And you can't sleep and everyday you just wish to feel safe in their arms." I shake my head but remember Perrie.

My sweet, sweet, heart broken Perrie. Not Gigi. Perrie.

"No. Because it doesn't work that way." "W-well at least I didn't cheat on my fiance!" She snaps before covering her mouth. I laugh feeling my hurt run cold again. Who am I to try and help a foolish little girl? "She cheated on me so I did the same, but, hey if you're big on the whole cheating thing, have you asked how Harry's wife feels?" FU.CK. FU.CK. FUC.K.

"H-his w-wife?" She looks at me with teary eyes and I try to avoid it feeling the guilt creep up on me. "D-don't worry about it. It's nothing." I try to shake it off but I know she heard loud and clear. "What wife?" Tears easily roll down from her hazel eyes.

"Zayn! What wife?!" She cries letting her now cold drink fall onto the grass. I keep my mouth shut feeling like a complete assho.le. "Zayn! Please!" She cries louder making my heart ache. "Georgia- his wife, three years but I don't know where she's been. I haven't heard from her but-"

"Take me home." She balls her hand into a fist walking to the car. "Wait!" I yell running to her. She wants to go home to sneak out and talk to Harry. I don't say a word but I watch her hands on the side of her head, hearing her trying to hold her pain in. "L-let it out." Is all I say before I finally hear her breakdown.

I'm an ass.hole.

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This is sh.it, I know. I hope I don't lose you guys.

That's my biggest fear. Suddenly, my writing is no longer making people happy and no one is reading this book and just like some human beings, I've experienced this type of glory (of readers and votes) and wish it'll forever be in my hold but that's impossible and I need to stop overthinking.

Thank you for having this book rank at #470 in fanfiction (26/11/17)

- El

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