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- Wednesday afternoon - 

I lay in bed waiting for Mila to finish because she's taking hours. I scroll through my phone trying to get in contact with my friends back home, before getting a notification. I open my messages to see Daddy's Big Coc.k message me, confusion takes over my mind. I open the message to read "What are you doing? - H" God, it was Harry and his stupid humor.  I avoid texting back seeing as he spoke to me the way he did Saturday night. I shut my phone and throw it on my bed, laying back down. *Ding*

I automatically sit up and slowly reach for my phone, scared shitless. "I know you're reading this. Don't ignore me because you're already gonna get it little girl." His threat making my panties damp, the effect he easily has over me even when over text messages. "I'm not ignoring you, I just put my phone down to do something. Please don't punish me again." I quickly lie, terrified of my future. 

" Come over " he replies. 

" I can't.. " I text back knowing he's probably angry. 

" Is that so? " It's just a text but my stomach flips.

" Yes... " I challenge him and his short patience.

" And why's that Kitten? " Go.d that pet name.

" Mila invited me to go hang out with her and some friends "

" Are there any boys? "

" No " I lie again, knowing he would never find out.. or at least I hope so.

" Have fun while it lasts because I'll make sure you wont be able to walk once I get a hold of you. x "

I could feel the moisture collecting in my panties so I decide to change before running downstairs where Mila is waiting. "We're going!" She yells before slamming the door shut. We wait a while until a red vintage car pulls up, Keneti in the driver seat. ACDC blasts through the speakers making me cautious, but, I smile looking at Luke who elegantly opens the door for me as Mila takes a seat at the front. He messes my hair with his hands before resting his arms on my shoulder. I shake my hands all over his now-long hair which I admit it made him look attractive. I smile at our cheesy friendship before the car zooms down the street and we, besides Mila, yell the lyrics "T.N.T!"


"No, you can't come in. They're home but I'll go to yours tomorrow after school." I turn away as Mila and Keneti sloppily kiss each other. Luke laughs, jumping off the car but I decide to use the door like a normal human being. He walks me near the front door, looking back to see the couple still at it.  "I'll catch you tomorrow Cece." He says before giving me a hug-something he always gave me before I went home to my alcoholic mother. Who he found was an abuser when he saw the black and blue through my cheap foundation.

Mila rushes out the car, we wave at the two before pressing the door bell. I look around as we wait and see Harry looking through a window evil smirk plastered on his beautiful face. I'm not ready to face him anytime soon.

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I've written 2 parts today so I can update daily throughout the week because it's a goal to be reached but I should really do my homework. I don't wanna introduce too many characters but Keneti is played by Kj Apa but his character isn't a main one. AHAHAH next chapter  might be posted  private so make sure you follow me. It's gonna be lit, rip clementine.

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