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WARNING: mature and sexual content

Harry Edward Styles.


I open the garage door leading to my lonely, quite house. I yawn and stretch my arms before chucking my keys on the couch. What a long f.cking week and it's just almost over. "I'm home!" I yell, fully aware I currently live by myself and like living that way. I laugh at my humor and make the long journey upstairs to my bedroom. As I reach my room, I hear sweet giggles empowering the already loud music from outside. I can't help but reach for the remote and open the curtains. I look around and finally, I spot nothing else but Mila. The annoying little b.itch.

I mentally puke thinking of the giggles as sweet. But as I turn around I see Mila reach for something and grab it. "Mila!" I hear a sweet giggle again. Mila had another friend around? I smirk to myself knowing I'll have a new toy to play with.

I can now view the back of the girl Mila pulled and I feel my pants tighten as I view her perfect honey skin, tall sexy legs, curvy waist and cute backside. I scan over her body and think of all the things I could do to it. I grunt grabbing myself, I'll deal with this but I need more.

Mila runs inside leaving her to wonder. She looks around and I stare at every feature on the beautiful stranger's face. Sweet glossy lips with freckles sprinkled around her nose and cheeks. Such a pretty face, on  a pretty neck.

She continues to look around and Mila comes back. Way to ruin my erection. "Clementine catch!" She yells throwing a bottle of water to... Clementine? What a cute name for such a cute little girl. Clementine misses and the bottle lands in front of her feet, she laughs and bends down to pick it up. " baby girl." I curse to myself before going to the bathroom.


I unzip my black pants, looking down at my bulging member. I imagine my sweet Clementine naked on her knees, looking up at me with those innocent brown eyes. I slide down my boxers and instantly start pumping. I start slow before quickening the pace.

The bathroom is filled with my groans. "Clementine, baby" I moan throwing my head back. "F.CK, oh-kitten fas-faster" I grunt before cum.ming in spurts. I steady my breathing and close my eyes shut.

She was one of a kind and she was mine.

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