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- Song: Heart Out by The 1975 -

"Woah." A breath of air escapes my heavy lungs. "Huh?" His beautiful soaking body turns round, water dripping all over the clean, white place. "Oh nothing, sorry. Continue."

"I'll get you a charger and a change of clothes. Shower's upstairs and I'll make dinner and after you can see if you still need to be here." Feeling a bit hurt with his words, I follow him upstairs seeing only a few other doors before slipping inside one. He points to the bathroom which I walk to. I look around, oddly saddened by the new atmosphere. The new bathroom, the new shower. Past memories evaporated into the new air.

"I-um, had this because you left it again but yeah." It's fun to see him all awkward and unsure, it's cute. No I can't say that. It's not cute and he's not beautiful. I nod taking the pile of clothes where the familiar white panties lay on top.

"So yeah, I'll ah-be downstairs." He nods and I nod before noticing he was gone and I was staring at the open door. man.

I finally step in the shower, quickly washing my body. Trying to clear my thoughts, just thinking of my dad and home. But I don't think I want to go home. Not yet.

Soon I step out, drying myself and getting dressed. A bit uncomfortable with the no bra situation but at least I had his big puffy jumper.

Noticing I showered and got dressed way too fast, I decide to stand there and watch my phone charge until it finally lives. Thank God my cheap ass let Dad buy something expensive for once. I quickly tap my password, looking at the red dot that said 4 on the iMessage app. I quickly view the app, seeing messages from my dad.

Daddio: Remember, I won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. Over at London again but feel free to go sleep over at Mila's.

Daddio: Shit, the whole Malik family is here.

Daddio: I'm so sorry sweetie, is there a place you can stay at for the night and until tomorrow afternoon?

Daddio: Please answer soon, I'm getting worried Clementine.

Me: It's okay dad. I'm at a friends house. See you tomorrow. I love you. xx

I curse but can't help let a smile creep upon my lips. Everything happens for a reason, right? One night and a couple of hours with Harry won't hurt.

So I walk downstairs, pretending to be absolutely sad with the news. "You look great. -And-ah dinner's ready." I whisper a shy thanks, taking a seat on the white stool and looking down at the bowl of pasta in front of me. "It won't eat itself, Clementine." To be completely honest, him calling me by my name hurt, but it was my name, what else is he gonna call me? "No it won't." I shake my thoughts, looking up to his still damp hair and black shirt.

We eat in silence, letting the rain hit the house and the fire crackle in the living room next to us. I slightly swing my feet, feeling awkward and very stiff. "Sorry." I murmur accidentally swinging my feet to far, touching his wet jeans. He just hums in return, making my mind cloud with thoughts.

How can someone you loved just be nothing to you anymore? How can someone you've given so much to give you nothing now. How can everything that happened be forgotten and pushed away. How can we sit here in silence, not one of us breaking. Confessing our love with one another. We can't because I knew I still loved him but he couldn't possibly feel the same way.

"I'm gonna shower. Feel free to do anything you want. Tell me what Mr. Wilson says." He takes his plate to the sink, before walking upstairs. Leaving me alone in the now-scarily quite house. I take my plate to the sink too, washing the dishes and cutlery.

I decide to walk to the living room and watch a movie to block out the rain and scary thunder. I open his Netflix laughing quiet loudly at he suggestions More Romantic Comedies Here. So I go with a suggestion and watch Pretty Woman.


"What'd Mr. Wilson say?" I hear Harry's familiar voice behind me, making my small body jump. I quickly wipe my tears, keeping my saddened eyes on the television screen.

"He said, he's on a business thing in London and won't be back until tomorrow. But, I think I left my keys at school and since you and Niall are friends, I thought you could get it for me." I regret sounding a little too excited to leave his house.

"Yeah, alright. You can watch upstairs in my room. I'll take the couch since this is just a one bedroom house."I hear his husky voice after a moment of silence.

"It's alright, I can take the couch. This is your house." I reply, cuddling myself in his jumper that smelt like him. Like heaven. "C'mon. Don't be difficult now. Upstairs." Finally, I conjured up enough courage to look at him. The light from the screen enough to make out his tall body in the dark. "It's fine, Harry. Just a blanket will do."

It isn't until I feel his strong arms around my waist, lifting me over the couch and walking. "Harry! Put me down!" I squirm, feeling all sorts of emotions with his hands on my waist and my body slumped over his shoulder. "Sleep in here." He places me down, for my back to hit a soft silky cushion.

"I told you, it's fine!" I cross my arms and sit up. Watching him grab a blanket and walk towards the door. "Sleep."

"Stop acting like you care! A-And stop being so blunt!" I stand up, huffing and walking to the door where he turns around. "Like I care?" He laughs. "Y-yeah like"

"Oh, if I didn't care I would've left you in the rain, crying. I would've left you to sit outside your doorstep with a dead phone. I would've stopped. Tell me, am I the one who really doesn't care?" Stopped what?

"N-No, you're right I'm sorry- you do care." I shake my head, feeling tears ready to flow out of my eyes. "I think I care a little too much." His voice deep serious but hurt. "I care."

"Well, show me." He chuckles, more as a joke thinking I was defeated by his words.

But from the rain and thunder outside, and the rain and storm inside my mind, I stand on the tip of my toes and wrap my arms around his neck for him to drop the blanket.

The tips of our nose touch.

Our foreheads touch.

Then our lips. "I care."

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Just realized this book is coming to an end. I have this planner thingy and damn, not a few but like another 20 updates or less? Then the sequel which I honestly think is gonna be short because I drag you guys on forever but!!!

I've written a part for my new book, possibly called Daddy, Yes.

Stay tuned, I will release it when there's like 10 written parts and I've thought about the whole thing. Unlike this book where I just went along with it until I decided to actually plan it.

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