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I walk inside the empty mansion only to see Mr. Malik on the phone. He rubs his face before noticing me and putting his phone down. I give him a small smile to comfort him, "Cl-Clementine, I'm so sorry to do this but I hope you don't mind sleeping over at Styles' house. I need to chase after Zayn before he does something stupid..again. I also can't contact Svana but she's got Mila. It wont be long until I can track her credit card. I-I promise I'll make it up to you, just plea-please don't tell the school staff about this." He rubs his watery brown eyes.

I embrace him in a hug, this man was so caring and loving towards his family but all they do is turn their backs on him. They take him for granted, especially Zayn. If I had a dad like this, I would treat him with so much respect and love. "It's okay Mr. Malik, I understand and no, I won't tell anyone." I reassure him.


I run downstairs with my backpack of clothes on my shoulder and my school backpack on the other. I make sure everything is turned off before locking the door. I walk towards Mr.Styles house and see the french doors were slightly open. "Mr.Styles?" I yell through the large mansion. "Come in!" I hear him yell.

I enter his massive house before closing the door behind me. "Where are you?" I look around. "Upstairs kitten!" he yells. "Come up here." he adds. I giggle at his silliness and walk upstairs. "Where now?" I ask.  "Here!" his voice rings through the hallway. His mansion was too big and I fear of getting lost in it.

"Where?!" I laugh. I look around and see doors and doors and doors. I take a guess and open a large door, finding a medium sized bedroom. I open two more doors and find nothing but bedroom. "Harry, come out!" I yell starting to get scared. I wrap my hands around  a gold doorknob and push it open, only to find it locked. I open the door next to it and step inside.

This room was bigger than the rest that I've stepped foot in. "Harry?" I look around starting to worry. I look at his bed and feel the mattress, it was cold meaning he hasn't been laying down. I open another door in the bedroom to see a huge walk-in cupboard, a third and so filled with Harry's clothing and the rest empty. I walk back to the bedroom and open the other white door.

"Harry?" I look around pushing the door open. I step inside observe the large bathroom. It had two sinks, one was empty but the other had hair gel, spray, a black comb and other things around it. I continue to observe the bathroom only to feel a pair of hands around my waist.

I scream at the sudden and shocking movement. I hear Harry uncontrollably laugh behind me. I push his hands away and cross my arms. "Haha, so funny." I roll my eyes but couldn't help but smile looking a his dimples pop and eyes sparkle.

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Sorry I haven't updated in like two days. and I haven't had the chance to write lately. But yeah enjoy my kiwi fruits <3

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