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I decide to wear a black spaghetti strap one piece accompanied by a denim skirt and a black cardigan. I grab my phone and run downstairs to see Mila waiting for me by the door. She holds two baskets full of packets of cookies.


We decided to go the farthest location in the neighborhood first so it could be easier to walk home by ourselves. I knock on the last house which thankfully, was right next to Mila's house. After a few moments of swinging on my heels and toes, a curly headed man opens the door. I greet him with a bright smile, "Hey kitten." he smiles back, dimples popping out. How many more hot British men live in America?!

"Good afternoon Mr....?" I say extending the r.

"Styles. You are?" I look at his emerald green eyes, they were so captivating and beautiful.

"Ms. Wilson, pl-please to meet you Mr.S-styles." I reach out my hand to shake his.

His large hand makes contact with my small hands, various rings decorate his fingers and tattoos painted on his hand and wrist. Black shapes visible in his translucent white blouse. I pull my hand away noticing the long awkward handshake.

"How can I help you Ms.Wilson?" he smirks. And I thought Zayn's smirk was hot.

"I-I'm helping my friend ra-raise funds for the school's cheerleading team, - um so some who can't a-afford tickets can li-ke travel out of state to compete too-" I gulp. I was completely embarrassing myself in front of a gorgeous man!

"The National Cheerleading competition." I finish, looking down, all pink and embarrassed. I probably didn't even make any sense.

He chuckles opening the door wider, "Come in and take a seat. I'll be back with my wallet." I nod, wiping the bottom of my shoe before entering his large house. I take a seat on his black leather couch while he walks off, I'm assuming to his room. He was very tall, maybe taller than Zayn and his brown curls effortlessly hang loose. I think this was truly, love at first sight?

No one I've visited has offered me to come in but this British man has. He's nice, I guess. I fan myself with my hands trying to get rid of my pinkness. I couldn't help it. He's such an angelic man. I sit with my thoughts, 'yes Clem, a man, not a teenage boy, a man way older than you'.

He soon returns and I stand up, fiddling with my skirt while holding the basket in the other hand. "Three dollars for one packet which has 2 choc chip cookies."

"Did you bake 'em?" He smiles.

"Yes, with my friend Mila." I swear I heard him scoff.

"Well, how do I know you're not trying to poison me." He smiles again. Go.d I could melt under his smile.

"Well, I don't wanna get sent back to Australia so that'd be the last thing I'd do." I giggle at his question.

"You're from Australia?" he was surprised.

"Yep, I'm guessing you're from England." I say popping the p and swing on my heels and the ball of my foot.

"Yep." he copies the pop at the end. I laugh at his humor. He was so.. perfect.

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Harry is truly beautiful.

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