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I admire the sunset before noticing the beautiful man next to me. I admire him instead, watching his pink lips softly move, singing and humming along to the radio. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." He smiles, turning his head to face me. I huff before dramatically turning my back on him. He places his hand on my bare thigh before I push it away and pull my floral dress down.

"Where are we going now?" I ask. "A bit eager to leave my side?" He smirks shaking his had. "Yeah totally. No- for real. Where to next?" I ask taking in the green scenery around us. "You're not going to kill me are you?" I turn to him though he laughs out loud. "Nope." He pops the p before stopping the car. He gets down before opening my door, helping me out of his Range Rover. "Woah.." I gasp looking at the small vintage but clean house. "Ta-da" I take my hand in his before he leads me up the wooden porch which has collected a few spider webs. 

He unlocks the door, opening it to an empty wooden house. "Built it myself." He nods his head looking at his piece of work. "Wha-when?" I look around extremely confused and in awe. "16." "What for?" "My mum and sister. I haven't always been a billionaire." He laughs. "I can't even do this- this is amazing." His story adds so much more meaning to it. I cherish and appreciate the house even more. He turns on the lights and I look around, a record player catching my eye. 

He plays a vinyl, a familiar Whitney Houston tune flows through the air. I laugh kicking my shoes off before dancing. He shakes his head taking his shoes and jacket off before joining in. I sing the lyrics to the song holding onto his large hands as we spin and dance around like complete idiots "Oh, I wanna dance with somebody!" His laughter mixes with mine as our bodies slows down. His hand snakes around my waist before lifting me up and spinning me around. He lowers me down, my feet touching the ground and my chest pressed up against his. He leans his head down and I tilt mines up before our lips connect and he pins me to a wall. 

His hands travel up my thigh, his rings sending shivers down my spine. So into the moment, he pulls away before laying a previously rolled up carpet on the wooden floor. He holds his hand out for me, I hold it slowly walking over to the rectangle material. I sit down, and he sits on his knees watching me remove his rings with my small hands and placing them onto the floor. 

I wrap my arms around his neck before he leans in, his weight resting on top of me as we passionately kiss. I reach for the band of his shirt before pulling it over his head. I run my small hands down his muscly arms before he lifts my upper body. I sit up looking into his green eyes as he unzips the back of my dress. He helps me remove dress before continuing to kiss me. 

He stops only to look down, looking at me from head to toe. "S-sorry D-daddy I should've at least worn the lin-lingerie you like." My cheeks burn pink, feeling warm and full of emotion. "It's fine, Clementine. You can call me Harry for now." He smiles, making me feel like I was home. I lean into kiss him, his hands wondering to my back before unbuckling my bra. My breasts fall catching his attention, "So beautiful." He  kisses my chest and up my neck. He stands up removing his jeans before digging through his wallet only to look disappointed. "I-it's okay, k-keep g-going." 

I feel the warmth of his body once again, our lips move together. I feel his hands at the band of my white panties before he slowly takes them off. He pulls down his boxers, his large member springing out. Sending billions of emotions through my body and my mind. "Is this your first?" He asks looking deeply into my eyes. "Y-yes." 

"Are you sure you want to do this?" His voice sounding like an angel. "Y-yes." I stutter, feeling my heart beat faster by the minute. "I need a clear yes Princess, I won't do it if you're not one hundred percent sure." "I-I'm sure. I'm sure." I feel my heart dissolve to see him change from such a serious business man to a warm and caring lover. "I'll guide you but it'll hurt a bit, okay?" His lips connect with mines again and I mumble an okay in our heated kiss. 

He spreads my legs further apart before I hold his arms, feeling safe. Our mouths work together as his hand grabs his length, placing it near my core. I moan feeling his tip at my entrance before he deepens the kiss and enters. I tightly grab his arms at the sharp contact.

I groan at the wincing pain, my tight walls clenching making it even more painful. "It's okay, Princess." He assures me, slowly thrusting half of his very big member in me. "H-harry, i-t h-hurt-s." I whimper, feeling a tear roll down my eye. "It's okay." He assures me again, continuing his slow movement. I gulp feeling a lump in my throat form, he sees my state before attaching his lips on mine.

"O-oh, Harry"My soft cries turn into moans as the overwhelming pleasure takes over me. "Fuck, princess. You're so tight." He shuts his eyes, thrusting his whole length. I moan loudly, feeling him wreck my insides apart. "H-harry, faster please." I shut my eyes tightly, feeling every inch of my body awaken with each thrust hitting the right spot.

Our skin slap together as he fastens the pace, my body trembling and shaking under his large one. "O- ah, fuuuuuck" I moan as he whispers sinful words into my ear thrusting even faster. He nibbles at the skin of my neck as I scratch his back, sure to leave marks on him. "You like that hm?" He asks thrusting faster an faster as he grabs my breast. "O-yes, fuck yes" I moan feeling euphoria take me to cloud 9.

Soon my body is uncontrollably rocking with his, our moans filling the small room. "Fuck, Princess." He pants, our sweat mixing as our bodies collide like a stick grazing down its matchbox, a spark is lit. We continue for God knows how long, the feeling so raw and so different with each thrust. 

"H-harry, I'm c-close." I manage to whimper through my tired body. He continues until I arch my back, tightly holding onto his arms as my my eyes tightly shut. My mouth in a shape of an O as I moan as I release. I breathe heavy, trying to catch my breathe. I feel liquid squirt on my stomach, I look down to see Harry cu.mming on me. Beads of sweat ooze down his toned muscles. He is perfect.

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This took very long but I'm happy because I've done my best.

Thank you for being kind

- Eleanor

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