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I stretch my arm before cuddling Harry only to feel this side of the bed cold and empty. My body shoots up only to see I'm alone in his bed wearing his t-shirt and boxers. I look at the clock beside me, smiling at the red roses on the table. I hold the roses in my hands smelling the beautiful scent before reading the time.

I stand up, placing the roses down and begin to look for Harry. "Daddy?!" I yell looking all over the mansion.I tightly grip onto his boxers as they were too big to fit me. I give up within ten minutes before I slip on a pair of his joggers and my bra. I run downstairs putting the roses in a vase half-filled with water before grabbing my phone and leaving.


I walk to my last period with Luke before I get called over the speaker. So, Luke and I part ways and I enter the office, scared of seeing Brayden randomly pop up, bruising me again. "Miss. Clementine May Wilson, please take a seat." Principal Thorpe's serious voice says. I nod and do so, fiddling with the hem of my shirt.

I'm sure this is about class yesterday but maybe Mila told him about Brayden and the threat in my locker. I feel my heart beat faster with each word that leaves his mouth. "I'm sorry to tell you, but Miss. Wilson, you must to go back to Perth."

My world stops, his sentence repeating in my mind. "P-pardon?" My eyes and mouth hang wide open. "-A- a report has been placed under your name from some parents who's child attends this school and due to confidentially reasons I cannot name who but as the Principal I am having you sent back home to continue your study as a normal student. I apologize Miss. Wilson. Your mother and Perth High School has been notified this news. Your flight leaves tomorrow afternoon but don't worry, all costs are covered." Tonight? My mother? Back home?

"Wh-who? Wh-what?" I feel my eyesight blur due to tears wanting to escape my eyes. "I-I apologize Miss. Wilson." He looks down, making me feel as if he didn't want to do this. "Is this about Brayden Hoffman?" I finally let the tears roll down. "I cannot say anything Miss.Wilson."

"You can't say anything because you know I haven't done anything wrong!" I cry slamming my hands onto his table. I don't want to leave my friends behind and go back to my abusive mother, and that lifestyle of nothingness. I can't leave my music potential behind. I can't leave Harry.

Oh Harry, how I want to be safe in his arms right now. Safe in his hold forever.

The fact that the Principal himself himself is lying makes me even more angrier. "Miss. Wilson.... please take your items from your current locker and say your farewells, Mrs. Malik is waiting for you in the parking lot." He keeps his eyes on the ground and his hands together avoiding my pleading eyes. "You know you're wrong. I hope you sleep well knowing you ruined my chances of a better life. Now I'll go back home, to my public school and continue to be a worthless nothing. All because of money."

"Thank you for whatever you've done for me." I shut the door, giving a sly smile to the receptionist before walking to my locker. I grab my things and shove them into my bag whilst crying my heart out. "Clementine!" I turn to see Mila down the hallway running to my direction. She hugs me tightly before we get into her mum's car and leave.

I need to see Harry. I need him right now.

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This is, I know. But are you ready? No you're not ;P

I've planned the rest, not the ending yet because sequel or not but my heart man.

Thank you for having this book rank at #530 in fanfiction (25/11/17)

- Elea <3

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