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- Song: Do I wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys-

"H-Harry, I need to go home."I try to say though he continues to kiss me with his hungry lips. After our third make out session he decides to get off of me and help me off the bed. He smirks wrapping his arms around my waist but before he completes his movement, I slide out and run to the bathroom. I grab my pouch, phone and it's charger before quickly stuffing them into my other bag. Harry hands me a hoodie to cover myself with and I slide it on.

He walks me downstairs, silence lurking between us. Funny because I just gave him a blowjob and we made out but we couldn't even say a word to each other. Not after that. Not after giving each other pieces of ourselves. He opens the door, his tired eyes barely staying open. I stand on the tips of my toes and hug him. He rubs my back before gently shutting the door in my face. I look down at my feet and wonder what I've done wrong... maybe my blowjob sucked or maybe I wasn't experienced enough. Maybe, I wasn't enough. I walk home, looking down at my feet softly kicking the rocks on the sidewalk.

I continue to bury myself in thoughts, not paying attention to my surroundings. I continue to walk before a strong hold is rested on my arm. I look up and see Zayn behind me. He lets go of his grip and I turn around. I look around me and see I've walked too far. He smiles and gives me a hug, I return the hug and smile back at him. I'm glad he's back and isn't in the the same state I saw him in before. "Time to go home Clem."


We sit around the dinner table, Mila, Svanna, Mr.Malik and Zayn. I'm also glad they're back but it seems like their bodies are here but not their minds. We eat silently before Zayn picks up his plate and walks to the kitchen, not coming back to the dining table. I could tell Mr. Malik is exhausted, because of the bags under his eyes, screaming for sleep. And Svanna isn't her smiling, happy self. Soon it's just Mila and I left at the table, eating. "How was school?" She smiles at me. I smile back and tell her everything that happened, hoping it would brighten her up. Which did because she was happy to know the captain of the cheerleading team was publicly dumped. I'm glad she laughed for a good solid 20 seconds.

That night, her and I laid on her queen sized bed. She silently cried about her crumbling family, about her heart broken mother, about her tired father and about her cheating brother. I couldn't relate to her because, I didn't know what it was like to have a mother, or a father. But, though we weren't related by blood, Luke was the brotherly figure I know and have.

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HUH, LUKE WHO?I still haven't gotten the whole story so sorry if things are changing. Im gonna me it (H.S) instead of (H.S x Z.M )only because Harry is the actual leading character and kink. I've got different plans for Zayn and the other boys as well as .... Luke. Y'all probably know who LUKE is but lmao SUPRISE. I've gone through some of the engagement activity of this story and Im gonna go cry, brb.

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