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He and Harry automatically make eye contact, they both stare at each other with eyebrows furrowed, Zayn's hand forms a tight fist. "Clementine, you can stay back at my place. I'll help you with your homework." Harry said turning to me. "O-okay, Mr. Styles." I look at Zayn before looking down, confused at the two. "-On't think so mate." Zayn slurred grabbing my arm as I was short. We look at each other before he puts me behind him. "-Ave u been crying? Are you otay? Did he hewt yew?" He asked observing me, his breath reeked of alcohol and eyes screamed to be closed. "N-no, I --yes I'm fine, Mr. Styles didn't hurt me Zayn. It's okay." I shook my head. What was happening?

"Are o sure?" He looks at me and I nod. "E's staying ere. Weave before I make o." His drunken self threatens a fully sober man. "Is that so?" Harry takes a step closer challenging the drunk man. They both argue until Zayn pushes Harry to which started the shoving. "Stop!" I yell trying to pry Zayn away. They shout on top of each other and all I could understand were bits of words. "I, wont, let you do, tooo, innocent girls, with er! Prick!" "You, damn, know, your, selfish, fucker" Harry clenches his jaw, anger visible in his previously heart warming eyes. (a/n: can you figure out what they're saying?)

I stand in the middle of them, dragging Zayn away and back inside the house where I tell him to stay put before I go back outside to talk to Harry. I shut the door behind me, "Good, now come home with me." He says rubbing his knuckles. "I have to take care of him. He's drunk." I say hoping he'd understand.

"Who cares about that bastard. Get your stuff and come with me." He chuckles running his thumb over his bottom lip whilst shaking hid head. "He's not a bastard and I do." I bite back, regretting it the moment it left my mouth. Harry chuckles, a cold chuckle which sent shivers down my spine. Are you forgetting what just happened a few hours ago baby girl?". "N-no, but he's my friend. He needs my help, Harry." "Yeah, so if his drunk ass rapes you, know that me, Harry, told you to come stay over.. where it's safe." He says before walking away leaving me confused and hurt.


I help him upstairs and into his bedroom which took forever to do. He plunges down almost bringing me with him. He slurs sitting up as I search his cupboards. Finding packets of condom but also Aspirin, so I run downstairs to get him water before fast walking back. Droplets of sweat runs down his forehead and to his tattooed chest. I move his t-shirt and set the medication down on his beside table. "He's o-only using yooooou." He spills some water on his stomach. "He's just a friend Zayn. He's a nice friend." I half lied to him. "With benefits!" He yells laughing but I turn my back making my way to the door, though he yells "Wait!".

I face him, "Ye n-not gooood fo ou!" He yells waving his index finger everywhere. He clears his throat, "e's done it before! Plenty of girls like o!" I shake my head at his drunk ass still trying to make Harry look like a bad person who's using me, and that he's done things with other girls.. like me? I grasp the door handle, "HE'S OT A WI-" before he finishes another dumb sentence a voice downstairs appears.

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He's got a ..what?
I love BBC for the Carolina video, the interview, the bingo video... ALL OF THEM OMG. Specially Girl Crush. It;s so beautiful and I feel like H gets into the feels and blimin arghhh, he's perfect. And I make his character sorta shitty but, BEAR (Payne) with me!
Drunk Zayn got me dead, writing his sentences were hard because I've never talked to a drunk person.

All the love

- E

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