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Photo of Clementine's Pjs :)

- Song: iT's YoU by Zayn -

We cuddle in the couch watching Gravity Falls, her head resting on my shoulder. Her sweet giggles ringing through the house. I didn't think Malik would have her sleep over here but I'm most certainly glad he did. I was glad to have this extra time with her, but I couldn't help but think of ripping those cute pajamas off and f.ucking her senseless. She was so soft, so tempting.

But I'm still bothered about knowing Zayn's back here and lives, let alone breathes, in the same house as my sweet kitten. I'm not jealous... okay maybe I am but I know Clementine ins't the one to have two relationships at once.......she isn't me.


We continue to watch but the more she shifts next to me, the more I crave to touch her, to pleasure her innocent little body, to be inside her tight pu.ssy.  I snake my hands around her waist and place her on my lap. "Clem, baby" I whimper as she adjusts on my lap, fully unaware of my member being aroused under her grinding motion. "Yes Harry?" she asks.

I look at her in awe. She is so beautiful... She turns her head back to the television but I turn her chin to face me. "Pay attention to me." I caress her thighs. "Y-yes." she whimpers under my touch and I can't help but smirk at the effect of such a small action.

I look at her before kissing her soft pink lips, the contact full of lust and hunger. She wraps her arms around my neck and I deepen the kiss. I grab the ends of her shirt and lift it over her head, instantly connecting our lips once again. I softly kiss her neck then roughly bite and suck earning a moan from her. I pepper kisses all over her exposed chest, licking her breasts then roughly sucking. Marking what's mine and mine only.

"H-Harry" she moans out loud before breaking the devil out of me. I lift her up, thighs wrapped around my torso and carry her to my bedroom, my lips never leaving hers.

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Wattpad legit just f.cked me over, I thought I lost this update and was like thank God I copied it before reloading. But now its got a bunch of random sh.ts but OOO cliffhanger!!

My goal is to have 4 votes and 4 comments?

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