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- Song: Another Sad love Song by Khalid -

Clementine places her small, cold hands on mine before looking up and immediately letting go. "You were hugging me just a few weeks ago, love." I chuckle making her saddened eyes roll. "C'mon." I mentally jump up and down as soon as her hands touch mines. 

I let go of her only to see her stumble and almost fall but I grab her just in time, almost slipping on the wet sidewalk. "I'll take you home." I help the poor girl regain her balance before letting go of her small body. "It's fine. I can go home myself." I look at the blood dripping from her arm and knees then her broken blue bicycle."I think your little friend here has given up." "Well, I can call my dad." 

Still standing in the rain, she pulls out her phone from a pocket of her drenched skirt. Looking at the  wet and smashed device she whispers a frustrating "You're ffffff-rickin' kidding me." 

"I'll say that again, I'll take you home." This time I laugh waiting for her to think of something else, and she does. "No, give me your phone." I miss being the dominant one. 

"Smart girl?" I question handing her my phone. "Oh-God, what the hell is your password." Her beautiful face scrunches handing me my phone back. "Shi.t" I curse forgetting she was my lock screen. I unlock it, letting her scroll through my phone. Knowing her idea isn't gonna work but the more time I get to spend with her the more I'm happy. 

"Where's my dad's phone number?" Just hearing her say Dad made me happy, It'll be the closest word to hearing Daddy again. "I-uh, deleted it. It just reminded me of you. Too much." I swear I saw her smile. "How about, Mr. Malik's?" "Same thing." I shrug feeling like a complete idiot. I could smash my head in that traffic light right now. 

Her small hands place the phone on my big ones, the contact of her fingertips making me go insane. What am I doing?  "Ju-just take me home." She finally gives in after letting our bodies soak in the rain. 

"Home." She watches me closely typing her address into google maps. "Home." I repeat looking at her fu.cking stunning wet body and her blonde hair damp hair which was darker than usual because of the rain. She must've noticed my eyes, making her instantly covers her chest. A deep laugh escape my lips seeing her all angry and protective, as if I've never seen her . "Pink looks good on you." 

"Ugh! Stupid perv!" Her small head turns too look outside the cold window, her arms still crossed over her chest.  "Well, I mean you're the one who's wearing a hot pink bra under a white blouse. Plus it's a-" "Because proper boys don't look down there and I don't even have to worry about boys! But I guess not anymore." Her head quickly snaps in my direction, giving me her sassy but cute behavior. "Hmm, a boy?" 

"Yeah, a boy." I see a quick small smile leave her pale lips. "You're clearly lying to yourself there." I smirk making her dripping body shift in the leather seat. "Well-- whatever, just take me home, Harry." It seems weird hearing her call me Harry, but I know, yeah whatever my fault and shi.t like that. "Whatever you say, Clementine.


We finally arrive at her house, where she quickly opens the car door and runs outside to the front door, almost slipping too. Shaking my wet head, I type my address onto google maps knowing it'll be a damn long ride home but it was worth it.

When I look up, I see her opening the car door and taking a seat again. "Home?" I raise my eyebrow turning to her.  "No one's here. I don't know where my dad is but take me to Mila's house.... Please." "You owe me, big time kid." I shake my head at her failed attempt of being rude and bratty. 

"Me sitting here, in the same car with you, breathing in the same air bubble with you- is already a blessing." Her chirpy and bubbly personality suddenly peaks out making me smile before noticing I was smiling so I stop. 

"Whatever you say." I hum driving back to my old neighborhood. 


"Zayn! Mila! Mr. Malik! Svana! Zayyyyyn!" I don't know why I was waiting for her outside my own enemy's door but just in case no one's here, I want to be her savior. "It's Clementine!" I hear her yell over the loud heavy rain. 

Only for ten minutes to pass and she's back in the car. "Your house is right there. Can't you go home. I can sort this out myself." Her tone completely pissed off but so amusing to me. "Don't live there anymore, sweetheart." I watch her facial expression sadden a little. 

For a while, we both stare at the cold, wet mess outside, letting silence and the droplets of rain sit between us. Maybe I should go home, but I've learnt too much from my mum to leave her out here in the cold. "W-well, can I- um- please stay at- um, your h-house?" Her shaky, scared voice reminding me of the time we first met. "Yeah-" 

"But like-if, G-Georgia doesn't-um-mind." Her worried expression makes me break into a fit of laughter.  "No, she doesn't mind. She's somewhere around the world." Her brown eyes shoot wide open, making me notice what I just said. "Oh and, no she wouldn't. We're um, divorced so yeah." I laugh at the end of the awkward conversation. 

"Oh." Is all she said before the familiar rain drops can be heard again.  

Nothing but silence fills the warm air, in the long car ride. 

But I wanted to ask how she's going, how the new school feels like, how her family's doing, I wanted to hear her painfully sweet voice. But all I got was her soft snores and occasional groaning as she turned her upper body in the chair. Which, drove me in-fuc.king-sane, wanting nothing more than to touch her.  Wanting to bring back the time where I could feel her, where I had this effect on her when our bodies intertwined. But when I do I would make sure she never leaves my arms.

What am I even saying? What am I even doing? 

What am I?

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I feel like this (what harry is feeling) is what a boys/men would feel like after a few moths or weeks of a break up. I mean girls just cry and shit instantly for like God knows how long but with males or whatnot, it takes time. Then I tossed some of my feelings in there cause I remember liking boys and just feeling like what am I even doing? After the break up, but honestly fu.ck boys and their bollocks. 

I love you all, you know the drill but I'm upping it a bit. 10 votes and 1 comment for the next update. (you can do it ;3 )

Feel free to chuck me some feedback. 


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