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- Song: Flicker (acoustic) by Niall Horan (FU.CK YES.) - 

I drive through the golden gates, looking outside the tinted glass to see the familiar pink building. I park the car along with other expensive looking cars before adjusting my tie. As if I had a clue on how to. Breathing in the fresh air, I continue to sit in the car and look outside as people dressed in neat attire make their way to the building. 


Niall pushes me back, making me stumble and fall on the cement. "Let me see her!" I yell standing up. "F.uck off mate! You're gonna get me fired! The receptionist didn't let you because you're a stranger so no, I can't let you see her myself."  He whispers looking back to make sure his class couldn't hear our conversation. 

"Niall, just this once! I need to talk to her!" I try to push through the doors but he holds me back, his strength beating my tired, bruised body. 

"But she doesn't need to talk to you Harry! She's fu.cking heart broken, okay? You know what she sings during our lessons, depressing love songs! You know why? Because of you. Now let her be!" 

"Since when did you care? Huh, ass.hole? Remember what you said?" I brush the dust off my t-shirt. "Piss off Harry, I was drunk and you know what, she is a nice girl. So what I said about Zayn liking her is probably true."  "Oh, fu.ck off mate." I shake my head laughing. "Leave before I call the security guards." 

"Your security guards are shit!" I laugh walking off. I continue to walk before noticing a poster stuck on the grey wall. I pull it off the wall reading the cursive writing, "Come watch our marvelous music students perform this Friday at the Katherine M. Elfers Hall. Dress Code: Business Formal/Cocktail. See you there. - Principal. Weatherbee"

End of Flashback. 

Not knowing if Clementine is even gonna be here, I decide to finally leave the car and enter the building. Holding pink roses in my hand while walking with the crowd to the large hall that read Katherine M. Elfers Hall. I take a seat upstairs waiting for the night to unfold. Feeling anxious but excited.  I hope she's here. I hope I can hear her voice again. 


"And now, please welcome Hotchkiss' very new student, Clementine May Wilson on vocals. With Mr. Niall Horan on the piano performing his original song, Flicker." My eyes instantly move from my phone to the center of the stage. Where Niall sits on a piano seat and my baby girl stands in front of the microphone stand. She looks down, her pink cheeks visible from up here, shyly fixing her long, flowy brown dress. Hinting a bit of skin with the long cut from her thighs to the end of the dress. How beautiful she looks.

I slide my phone back into my pocket, my whole attention captured by my angel. She looks around the room before smiling, in the same direction of her hazel eyes I see Mr. Wilson but also Zayn, Mila and a blonde boy. I whisper a cuss, earning  a few looks from people, mostly people older than me. But I don't bother to deal with them. 

When you feel your love's been taken
When you know there's something missing
In the dark, we're barely hangin' on
Then you rest your head upon my chest
And you feel like there ain't nothing left
I'm afraid that what we had is gone

Then I think of the start
And it echoes a spark
And I remember the magic electricity
Then I look in my heart
There's a light in the dark
Still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me
That I wanna keep
Please don't leave
Please don't leave  

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