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-Song: Young, Dumb and Broke by Khalid- 

Though Mila wasn't in the car on the way to school, I still look for her in the loud and crowded cafeteria. I've tried texting and calling her -with one of my class mate's phone since I left mine's charging at Harry's. But still nothing from her... I'm starting to think she won't show up.The last time we spoke was yesterday, before my music lesson where she complained about her friends. I was never a big fan of those girls anyways. 

I take a seat on a designated table where a bunch of students had previously sat at and begin to eat my lunch. Still thinking of Harry and last night, I take a sip of my apple juice before a loud commotion breaks out. I look up to see Brayden Hoffman, the captain of the football team, standing at a cafeteria table situated at the middle of the room. His group of friends were sitting at the table next to him, and his girlfriend stood next to the table he was on top of. 

I getdidn't know them well but they were big troublemakers, though Brayden's family donated a lot of money to school, giving him privilege or that's what Mila told me. He hushes everyone down, which of course, everyone complies to. I stay quite eating my lunch before he clears his throat and his attention seeking self begins bull.shit. 

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. As you may know I am Brayden Hoffman, the captain of the football team and today I'd like to make an announcement." He yells, clear and loud for everyone to hear. I look around the room and see almost everyone's attention on him. "As you also know, this beautiful girl here is my girlfriend." "And those pretty boys in the table next to me are my buddies. And among those buddies, I have my best best bud and also the vice-captain of the football team, Adam." The table laughs, nudging at each other but I could sense Adam looks worried. "These two are great people in my life, but what I really want to say is, there is .... drum roll please."

"There is now an open spot for the vice-captain of the football team and as my girlfriend because sadly, I don't tolerate boys who have my sloppy seconds with a filthy wh.ore!" the cafeteria goes wild, students yell and scream jumping on each other. Some not even paying attention.

"Fu.ck you Adam and fu.ck you, piece of slut!" He laughs pointing the middle finger at them, jumping down to confront Adam. The two push and shove while other students go wild in the cafeteria. Laughing and filming each other's stupidity with their phones. Where's the teacher?

The lunch bell rings, breaking the crowd over where Adam gets dragged out, all bruised. 


I use my class mate's phone to call a cab seeing as I didn't know anyone's phone number off of the top of my mind. Not even Mila's, but I couldn't ask her friends for it or the office because they'd find out something was happening at home, making me move to another host family which means I could no longer see Harry everyday. And I didn't know the driver's phone number or where he was so I decide to be independent. What I usually am back home


Soon the cab arrives at home which I pay before walking to Harry's house. I ring on the doorbell before remembering the feeling of the first time I stood here. A stressed looking Harry opens the door, his tired eyes close and open before grabbing my hands and pulling me in. "H-Harry." I giggle as he takes my bag off my shoulders, sliding it across the tiles. He kisses me as if he hasn't seen me in ages. "Jump" he instructs me. I jump, my legs around his torso and he walks us upstairs. He continues to kiss and nibble at my skin but his contact was harsher than last night. I'm sure it will leave visible marks on my neck. 

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The first bit is obviously a filler then a cliffhanger... so remember the filler because it's not a random chapter. I've been getting random ideas and a new character has sprouted into mind... can you think of who *smirk emoji* AHAH??!?!

I was gonna have Brayden Hoffman play as KJ but I dont wanna bombard this story with 1000000103827461 characters. Lmao,but go ahead and imagine him if u please:)

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