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WANING: mature and sexual content.



"You dropped it!"  Shes laughs looking down at the blueberry pancake on the floor and back up at me. "I've got this one." And before she can stop me from making more mess, I flip  the pancake and it lands back on the pan. "Ta-daaaa!" I smile smugly, feeling proud of myself. 

"You didn't say that with the other 5." Her hazel brown eyes roll before  grabbing the plate of pancakes.  We feast on our pancakes with random toppings while I drink my mug of black coffee and she drinks her glass of milk, in such a cute way, if I say so myself. 

"Do you have work today?" I look up from my plate, seeing her lick maple syrup from her fingers. I almost choke seeing her pretty mouth wrapped around her small fingers, licking and sucking the sweet brown sugar, but I cough to brush it off- good one Harry. "No, but I'll message Niall after breakfast or something." I lie about not having work and messaging Niall knowing she'd never know. 

But we were finally in the same room, not just that, but eating together. With her legs swinging around, occasionally brushing against my leg where the tips of her soft feet send a feeling of electricity in my veins. I could see her smile a little, adding to literally the best breakfast I've had in a long time.  

"What do you wanna do before your dad comes to get you?" I ask, happy to do anything she wants to do. "Oh- um, he doesn't know I'm here. Out of these walls, this never happened and I slept over at a friend's house." I chuckle seeing her turn all pink with the small rebellious action. 

"Sure thing." I nod understanding why she's sleeping here and not in a school mate's house. Remembering her talk to me about the girls acting all superior and just bratty and spoilt, someone she doesn't want herself to become or hang out with them. Even though I call on the rich part  because her dad's as rich as me... or maybe richer but he's always donating his money to charities. 


"No, this is such a good film." I argue extending my hand away from her eager pair which plead for the remote. "Ugh,  I don't like scary movies!" She urges to grab it off me but I'm simply too strong. "Look, it's the best part, there's blood everywhere!" The girl grows more frustrated and I feel the bed sink as she changes her position. 

"Give it!" Too caught up in our play fighting, she ends up straggling my lap before huffing in defeat and sitting right above my I swear, this girl's killing me. 

Still eager for the remote, her crotch rocks and grinds against mine until I can no longer contain the feeling and moan. She freezes, placing her small hands on my chest.

 While holding the remote I turn the t.v off before dropping it on the floor. Her eyes meet mines again. A sense of lust and emptiness visible in her brown orbs. How'd I know this? I don't know but I could feel it, like it was some cliche movie.

I slowly flips us around so that I was on top and hovering over her thin, beautiful body. I break our heated moment and easily slide the joggers off of her long legs then pull my joggers down to my knees. 

So avid once again, she sits up and connects her lips with mine. Her hands resting on the side of my face as she pulls me back down onto the bed with her. With my lips attached to hers, I slip my fingers through the band of her white panties sliding them down her knees where she trembles a little. I pull my boxers down, my hitting my lower abdomen then her bare s.ex. 

She exhales for a quick second, breathing in all the lost oxygen before attacking my lips. I slowly enter making her moan so fu.cking loud I swear the birds outside flew away (if they hadn't already with out little argument). I thrust inside her tight se.x, gently and slowly making her back arch though she keeps her hands tangled in my hair and our lips in sync. 

"Ha-Harry." Her angelic voice moans on my lips. "Oh-hmm." With that I thrust faster aware of the pain fading within her walls. "" I curse pressing sloppy kisses on her neck. Her small hands ball my hair into a fist pushing me closer to her neck where I mark my territory once more with large harsh love bites. "F.uck Clementine." I pant spreading her shaking legs apart to thrust deeper into her. 

I let my hands travel up her thighs, her slim waist and to her boob where I squeeze making her squeal in pleasure, setting my lips free. I breathe, surprised with her hungry actions and her crave for se.x. 

A smirk plasters on my face using her thighs to thrust  whilst watching her eyes roll back. It was a devilish action from such a innocent angelic little girl. I thrust inside her tight and wet se.x becoming a groaning, hot mess watching the angel grab a fist full of the white blanket. 

"OHH!" She moans, her beautiful mouth in a shape of an O and her eyes shut tight as she releases. Her sweet cu.m oozes from her center where I continue to thrust only to quickly pull out and release. 

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