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I rush behind Mr. Malik to the extremely large building that read, Styles Corporation. (a/n: YEET AHA) "It might take a couple of minutes, sorry Clem, I completely forgot that you had music today and din't tell the driver to stay back for a couple of hours." He chuckles. "It's okay, I don't mind." I reply, honestly not bothered by it. 

The warm and bright weather was too pleasant to be ruined and plus I was more glad that he gave the driver the weekends off. 

We reach the elevator after he speaks to the lady situated at the front desk. The door closes, "I heard great comments about you from your piano teacher. Your mother is lucky to have such a talented daughter like you." he gives me a  hearty smile. "Oh, thank you ." I try to give a genuine smile back. Though the truth is, I haven't spoken to my mother and she hasn't answered my calls as all. However, I didn't have big expectations from her. She's probably screwing another guy over, good for her. It's not like she signed the papers for me to have fun here, she signed it so she could get rid of me.

I take a seat in the waiting room while Mr. Malik leaves my sight and goes to his meeting. I unzip my backpack and pull out the current book I was reading, Me Before You. 

I was near the end of the book when Mr. Malik comes rushing in the room. "Clementine, is it okay if Styles takes you to there?" he pants. "They need me to stay back, I've screwed up something in the--, I tried to call Zayn but the prick wont answer and Svana and Mila are still out of state for the comps." He rushes. Styles? The neighbor, Mr.Styles?

"Y-y-eah, that's fine. No need to panic sir." I shake my head as he smiles. I felt like Mr. Malik was a father figure to me, he was caring and all. Every quality, I assume that would make a great dad. I had no clue on what that was but I felt a fatherly love from him. He smiles and waves goodbye before rushing off. I smile at the thought of seeing Mr. Styles again. Who knew I'd see him this soon. Although my heart ached fearing rejection from someone that was bound to love me, I couldn't help but blush seeing those familiar brown locks.


I follow behind Mr. Styles to his very expensive looking car. I buckle my seat belt but he doesn't. He starts the car, I give him the address an he drives. It was more awkward than our last encounter. But he's my friend and I care for my friends, "Mr. Styles, you don't have your seat belt on." I manage to blurt out after minutes of contemplating. He chuckles and places his hand on my bare thigh. I look at him confused but turn away, his touch was warm, I knew he isn't allowed to touch me but I didn't say anything. I kinda like it.

This was also his car, I didn't want to end up being thrown out of it for being fussy and wrong minded. And I certainly didn't want him and Mr. Malik to argue because I was left stranded in wherever we were right now.

Mr. Styles is very intimidating so I decide to open my book and continue to finish the last pages. I try to ignore his wondering eyes melting me away. "I think what he did was a good choice." Mr.Styles comments, at first confusing me but then I understood, it was the book.

"No it wasn't!" I look at him with a shocked expression, I just finished the book and he decides to say this?! "He needed to go and if she loved him, she would understand that." he laughs at my reaction, keeping his eyes on the road. "You don't leave someone you love." I bite back, crossing my arms. What a heartless ass.hole. "You do if you need to." he replies bluntly. "He didn't need to, it's such a d.ick move!" I furrow my eyebrows.

He laughs out loud, his eyes sparkling and dimples popping. I already know Mr. Styles is handsome and even beyond that but I admire his features while I have the chance. He controls his laughter, his jaw sharp and very defined, would it cut me if I touched it? I look at his hand resting on the steering wheel. Why did he have so many rings?  

"Has anyone ever told you that you're very opinionated." he looks at me with those beautiful green eyes. "Has anyone told you that you're a --" I don't finish my sentence, knowing I'd regret it leaving my mouth. "That I'm a ...?" he questions me.  "Nothing, Mr. Styles." I quickly realize, that I was speaking to an adult, not a teenager. "That's what I thought baby girl." he smirks. 

My cheeks burn pink with his pet name. I sit on the leather seat, thinking of a nickname for him. (a/n: DaDdY?!)

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I wanna make sure this story makes sense but I also want it to be surprising and like I just don't wanna give out everything about her and her family or about other characters. So yeah, they're people with backstories that'll unfold. Be surprised. Very.

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