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-6 a.m-

I walk towards the empty parking dropping the brown bag before harshly grabbing the red headed a.sshole. "What the" I punch him square in the nose, pushing him against his car. "Stupid f.ucker." I punch his stomach making him groan and cough.

"I'm here for the d-deal, bro- you've got the wrong dude-" I punch him in the jaw, my rings staying intact on my bruised knuckles. "Touch her again and next time, I'll make sure you and anyone you love dies." I let his weak body fall on the floor before bending on my knees and grabbing the collar of his varsity jacket. "I want you to apologise to her. Then turn your back and never talk to her... or even look at her! Got it?" I threaten, looking at the blood oozing from his nose and slightly cut cheeks.

He doesn't respond, making me lose my patience so I stand up and kick him on the stomach, he winces in pain "I fuc.king asked you,  if you understand. Now do you?" "Y-yes." He chokes out, drops of blood spews onto my white t-shirt. I watch him struggle trying to get up before  I uppercut him to the stomach and throw him on the floor. "Remember who I am and remember who you are." I taunt him with his own words he used against my princess.

I walk to my hired man before handing him a brown bag of money. "I cut the school electricity, footage hasn't been taken and I made sure no one was around Sir. Styles." I nod before he continues, "He used drugs in the parking lot and I chased the thugs who beat him and officer Payne will deal with the rest."He repeats his job before I pat his shoulder. "A couple of extra thousands for your family. " I walk a few meters to my car before driving off.


I stretch my arms, entering my room from a successful meeting "We'll see you in London Mr. Styles."  I sit down on my chair, placing the files down before extending my legs on my large wooden desk. I relax my muscles answering my mobile phone where Liam speaks "Hey haz, the kid's in the hospital for minor cuts and bruises but the story's well and everything's polished. You owe me one mate." "Cheers Payno. Drinks on me tonight."

"Sorry mate, busy." "Last time I checked, you were single and lived with your police dog." I laugh making him chuckle. "Who's the pretty lady you're seeing?" I shake my head. "Oh, just seeing Zayn and the boys." My mood dies but he continues, "You know we can't have you two at the same place at the same time. We'll see you at your business celebration. Congrats again Hazza." "Alright, alright. See you soon Payno. Yep-okay, bye." I end the call before wondering how I'll celebrate my success.

Yusef is at a meeting with Svana, their stupid daughter is probably sneaking out again and Zayn's not home. I smile once more, thinking of Clementine. I message her before standing up, receiving a reply right away. Naughty girl should be studying. She denies my offer of a sweet surprise making me curse to myself and ask her why. But, after a couple of minutes of persuading and her taking forever to reply, "Fine, I'll be in the parking lot. Do you know where it is?" Oh baby, I definitely do.

I ring a popular mall I've previously helped and signed a deal with, ordering them to remove al shoppers and workers for me. To which they simply comply to, saying it'd take an hour or so. I stand up, fixing the documents of my new multi million dollar deal with Mr. Wilson and London Enterprise before walking out my office.


"How many cars do you fricken' have. Jesus." She huffs sitting down on the leather seat, slamming the door shut. "A couple... or so." I smirk. "I think you've forgotten something Kitten." Her eyes widen patting the pockets of her jeans and looking down at her bag. "N-no?" She looks at me. "Oh." She smiles pecking the corner of my lips as I look towards the road. "How was work?"

"Enough about me, how was school?" I ask hoping she had a good day so I could get some... "You didn't even answer me, but yeah it was good." She plays with her fingernails. "Mmh." I hum mentally smiling. "Daddy, where are we going?" I slightly groan feeling my dress pants tighten at the nickname leaving her innocent lips. "I'm gonna go spoil you, baby." I smile parking my car.

I get down before opening her door and holding her hand as she steps out. "Stop, you're making me feel like I'm a princess." Her cheeks turn rosy pink. "It's because you are." I whisper into her ears. The security guards hand me a card, which I use to open the locked sliding doors. We walk inside the mall, her eyes wonder around the empty place where soft background music plays. "Where's everyone?" She asks, worry filling her hazel eyes. "I've ordered them to leave." I smirk watching her walk around.

"No way.." She laughs. "Oh baby.. you really don't realize the power I have." I slowly walk to her. "So I can do this to The Harry Styles?" She asks kissing my lips. "Yes but you can do so much more than that." I look at her with lustful eyes. She squirms before grabbing my hand.

"It's empty Daddy! It's empty for us!" She giggles still in awe with my simple actions. "For you Kitten." I chuckle letting her pull me into a candy store. "How are we going to pay?" She asks while scanning through the candy. "I've got that sorted Kitten. Get anything you want." She giggles before grabbing a bag, stuffing it with candy and chocolate. Soon she finishes and stands at the counter. "Let's go." I wait for her at the door.

"N-no, it's going to beep. That's stealing Daddy." She shakes her head, looking so innocent. Though I hold her hand and lead her outside. The alarms doesn't go off making her eyes widen. "I told you, I'll pay them. It's alright Kitten." I don't go into much detail because I know it'd worry her but I was simply paying the whole mall $30k or so. I urge her to continue shopping.

"You got what you want, now it's my turn." I smirk taking her into Victoria Secret. Her eyes glisten as she runs her small fingers on the material. "I figure, I should get you some new panties and bras since I've ripped a lot of yours." She giggles, still holding onto her shopping bags. "But in one condition." I smirk making her turn to me. "I choose." I lick my lips pointing at the black lace thong.

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