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I hesitantly press the door bell, making sure to only press it once as my goal is to stand here for 5 minutes before running back to the empty house, making him the reason for my no-show. But, I know I have to face him soon or he'd kidnap me from school, break into the house or do some crazy shit because God knows what's going on in that man's head.

I smile looking at my phone, 2 minutes has passed by and still no answer. The smile on my face disappears as the devil himself opens the french doors. His tattoos exposed from his simple white button up where the sleeves are rolled up to his elbows showing his defined bicep and veiny arms, I could melt right here, right now but I'm too busy being afraid of what's to come. 

He slightly leans forward grabbing my hand before pulling me in. All the lights switched off but the sun peeks through the windows. He slams the door shut, making me jump back, frightened of the abrupt movement. "H-Daddy, please I didn't do anything wrong." I flutter my eyelashes, giving him an innocent look. He chuckles cracking his ring decorated knuckles "That innocent look of yours just makes me want to you until your eyes roll back and you forget your own name." I gulp, feeling my core moisten with his explicit words.

"Such a bad...bad girl. Such a bad, bad choice." He shakes his head before smirking at me. "I promise, I wont do it again!" I beg fiddling with the end of my patterned short sleeve button up. "Oh sweetie, first you disregard daddy, then comply to his command then lie.." "Oh and that boy?" He rubs his hands together. Approaching me, so slow, so painfully slow. He orders me to untie my braids to which I quickly do. "Stop buying time Kitten, the longer you take your time, the more hours Ill' talk to you." 

He walks behind me, moving my hair to the side, I drop my bag from my hand as soon as his lips connects to my neck. I moan as he presses me to the door. His big, hard member in contact with my bum. I moan louder as his hands travel to my clothed chest. He easily but roughly yanks down at the fabric, the buttons breaking and falling on the floor exposing my bra covered chest. He turns me around and picks me up, pressing me hardly onto the door to continue nibbling at my exposed chest to which I completely feel self-continuous about. But his touch felt good..  so good making me confused  about the punishment. "So innocent, so pure." He groans, scattering love bites. "So mine." He pushes me harder onto the door, his muscular body easily holding my tiny frame as my back his the hard surface. "D-daddy." I whimper at the pain.. at the pleasure.

He lays me on his bed before unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down, throwing it behind him. The light from the open door allowing me to see his dark, angry and lustful emerald green eyes. He attacks my neck making me cry at the harsh touch on a sensitive spot. "H-Harry!" I scream as he rubs my area. He harshly slaps the side my bum "What was that Kitten?". "Daddy." I correct myself, feeling my already extremely moist area soak between my thighs. 

He kisses between my chest before grinding his crotch onto mines, making me arch my back giving him the opportunity to pull my bra apart. His hungry and strong actions taking me by surprise. Those were my favorite and only Victoria Secret bra!!  "You won't be needing them." He smirks my stomach flipping like pancakes.

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