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I sit on his lap as I cry on his shoulder whilst he softly rubs my back. It's the first time he hurt me like that, I'm terrified and shocked but I keep quiet not wanting to be 'punished' again. He draws small circles on my back softening my sobs and stopping my tears. "I didn't want to have to do it Kitten. But, you forced me to teach you a lesson."

"Ha-Daddy it hurts." I start to sob once again. "It'll be okay baby." He gently grabs my chin to face him. I probably look like shit but it's his fault, so he can look at me and see a piece of shit and know he caused it. I rub the tears that oozed from my eyes and looked at his emerald green ones before closing my eyes... not wanting to be captivated by his angelic beauty, by him. I want to leave and never talk to him again. I want to slap him, I wan to take half the innocence he took from me back. But when I open my eyes and stare into his, I knew I couldn't. I knew I wanted to stay, to fall asleep next to him, to be touched and pleasured, to be loved.

He reminded of my mum back home and how the men she brought home would hurt her, not spank but punch and slap but when they leave she'd get angry and I'd be there but she'd hurt me. She didn't spank me but she did physically hurt me and even starved me until the only time I got to eat was at school or when I went to Luke's house. I was almost at his house everyday since we were neighbors but my mother found out I wasn't staying back at school and instead at the Hemming's house. They've turn up their small television when my mum tried to come get me. I developed of staring at the t.v, trying to avoid the reality behind me- the loud argument happening between my mother and Luke's mum. The insults and threats my mother spat to a woman who loved me more than she ever could.

Harry messages Mr. Malik saying he'd pick me up from my music lesson before I stand up and slide my shoes on. I follow him to the front door, hoping he wouldn't slam it on my face and let me walk home myself, though the house is right there... I just need him by my side, at all times. He closes the door behind him, walking by my side to the house. I knock on the door expecting Savana to open it but a drunk looking Zayn peers through one of the french doors.

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